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Apple TV Movie Purchases and DRM

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by drummerlondonw3, May 27, 2008.

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    I am about to get an :apple:tv and I have some questions about the DRM of bought movies.

    If I burn the film onto a dvd and play it on another machine I guess that the DRM will kickin and not let me watch it?

    However, if I burn this onto a dvd and try and watch it on another of my authorised machines will that work?

    I hope that makes sense

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    You can only burn as a Data Disc which isn't playable on anything else.
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    thanks northy - I have seen you posting in some other :apple:tv threads

    So do you know how I would be able to transfer this to another one of my authorized computers then? I have only ever had one main account really


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    Use a flash drive or external hard drive?
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    There are a variety of ways to transfer content between computers. Flash drives, as has been pointed out, or wired or wireless drag and drop, and yes you can burn the file to a data DVD then drag and drop the file from that to another computer.

    Keep in mind that you can authorize up to 5 computers to play your purchased content, whether audio or video.


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