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Apple TV: Order and Shipping Thread!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by shanmugam, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Any one ordered Apple TV yet?

    I am in the fence, $99 very tempting, I always just wanted to way to easy stream iTunes collection, looks like that is much easier with Apple tv

    Netflix and other rentals are bonus...

    probably with credit card cash back (5%) it is $95 :D but not sure to get one or not. concerned too many apple iStuff at home... :rolleyes:

    sorry, there is another thread already going on!
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    finally ordered one, hope will get enough from Apple TV for $99. :D
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    No such thing as too much iStuff... :D
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    Ordered mine today. Has not shipped (of course).
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    I ordered mine as soon as the UK store was up :p I had a coupon so got it a little cheaper.. Apple somehow believes $99USD means £99GBP..
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    All ordered as soon as the store went live.

    Want it now please :rolleyes:
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    What coupon is that? I didn't know they did them for UK stores? I just thought we get ripped off as usual :(

    I ordered an ATV and an iPhone 4! even though I have an old ATV I like the faster wireless in this, I hope we can plug into the USB into the back.
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    top seller section under iPod will sure tell;whether the new Apple tv selling enough or still a hobby machine

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    Ordered mine as soon as the store was up. I literally was refreshing the page every few seconds as soon as the announcement was over. LOL
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    1. It was from Customer Relations, sorry can't get you one.
    2. You won't be able to use the USB, it says "Service and Support only".
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    Just used the last of the gift card I received on my birthday to order one. This will be my first Apple TV so I am excited to see how well this works for entertainment.
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    with the way Shuffle and Nano are refreshed; I bet Apple TV will be most gifted item this holiday period

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