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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 20, 2007.

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    The first Apple TV orders are shipping from Apple. Many users received their shipping notifications overnight and the first batch of Apple TV's are on their way.


    It appears Australian orders have been moved back to March 27th. Meanwhile, Apple stores have started getting inventory in, but are unable to post materials until at least Wednesday.

    The Apple TV was originally scheduled to ship to customers in February.
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    Finally! YES!:D :)
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    good news. i'm not getting one, but who here is?
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    Cool. I wonder when we'll see some games on it. Even though the code is in there, we don't know when they'll actually implement it..
  5. ATG
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    I have no desire to buy an :apple:TV. I just don't see the point of it
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    Now we'll finally see if it's worth it...
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    I've got one coming mostly not to have DVD's around the little ones.

    But it may be the future. Time will tell.
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    I have not ordered one, but am very anxious to see it in person and read some reviews from owners regarding it's usefullness.
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    I can't wait to read some of the reviews on the Apple TV. I can't decide if I want one or not. If the reviews are mostly positive I'll consider picking one up.
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    Mine says it will be here on the 23rd!:apple: :apple: :apple:
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    UK Customer Here!

    Just got an e-mail saying it has been dispatched!!!

    :) WOOHOO :D
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    New Zealand also delayed for second time - 27th March

    Looks like NZ is following suite with Australia, my order has now moved again from the 20th to 27th.

    Also of note is that the order has changed. In the top pane is my original order of the Apple TV and the HDMI to DVI cable. And then under that it says that this has been replaced with an Apple TV. It is not clear whether that means that they are not shipping a cable or whether the part number for the Apple TV has changed, and that is all that is different.

    Looking forward to hearing reports of how it works.

    Cheers, Ed.
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    I ordered an :apple:TV and Airport Extreme base station on Wednesday of last week. Both shipped from China overnight last night and are due to arrive on 3/23.

    Pre-ordering made no difference in whether or not you are the first to get one. :D
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    Further investigation reveals that they have increased the price of the cables, and so they have simply dropped the cable from my existing order. That sucks - surely they have to honour the price that I was quoted and that I accepted? And they were going to simply ship it without the cable - with no other notification.

    I feel a phone call to Apple coming on..

    Cheers, Ed.
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    I have no desire to buy a coffee maker. I just don't see the point of it.
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    My notification came last night for the HDMI cable and early this morning for the ATV. I live in Florida. My notice states delivery by march 23rd on the ATV. :)
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    Mine shipped overnight also, to Canada! :)

    Although the Tech Specs show it at 1.09 Kgs, the
    package according to FedEx is 7.1 Kgs... Could it be
    over 12 pounds of packaging?

    Also, my cables did not ship:


    They maybe coming from somewhere else!
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    Oh dear, your glass is half empty isn't it?

    I see the fun of seeing my HD material from my HD camera and FCPro, Motion, Livetype etc. on the family room's large HD screen. I see the fun of running 720p movies I've made from DVDs. I see the fun of having parties with PC users here and using the iTunes selection system on the screen for music to make them green with envy (and better yet want a Mac). I hope to see Leopard soon with perhaps the ability to send just about anything on my screen to the HD TV ...

    I see clients being able to use these for kiosk sales in a million different ways. HD TVs hooked up to ATV can be used as a point of sales or advertising tool. Training systems can run material from safe remote Macs. Jeez the possibilities are endlesss.

    But then my glass is half full :)
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    That's odd my cable showed same price as when I ordered...:confused:



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    Mine shipped too! Same thing, shipped direct from China to be here by the 23rd. They shipped my HDMI to HDMI cable also- the price didn't change or anything. Maybe it's certain cables that changed and they had to back those orders out based on the type of cable.
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    Ummm.. I believe Perky was making a point at another forumite who said there was no point in the :apple:TV.. ;)
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    good news. glad apple came through. looking forward to playing with one in an apple store :) :apple:
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    Apple TV Shipment

    Woke up to a notice that mine is on the way and with 2 day delivery I should see it before long!
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    UK order Despatched

    just got my AppleTV despatch email, despatch on the 20th March 2007, delivered on or before 28th March 2007

    so just another week to wait :) :D
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    To save money. I'm going to buy one to ditch cable TV service. I'm paying something along the lines of $85/month to the cable company. I only consistently watch about 4 shows. If I buy the AppleTV and buy season passes for the shows I watch, it will pay for itself. OTA HDTV reception is pretty good and that can cover me for wanting to watch football or basketball.

    This would be an absolute homerun if there were only a decent way to rip DVDs into iTunes.

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