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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by reykjavik, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Eventually Apple will allow one to purchase stuff through the iTunes music store directly through Apple TV. BUT, my question is, do you think that will be a software update or do you think that will be a second hardware version like a generation 2 Apple TV?
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    Only Apple knows for sure.

    That said, on paper, it can be done with just a software update. iTunes would also need an update as well. The way I personally see this working is that you can browse/purchase from Apple TV, but when you make the purchase, it tells your running copy of iTunes to download the movie instead. If iTunes isn't running, then it will go ahead and download the file, syncing it back to iTunes during the next sync.

    But the problem with this is that downloading straight to the Apple TV can possibly impact its ability to play back video, making it a tricky feature to implement without spare CPU cycles, or using iTunes to download.
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    True but I really don't see why it would be a big deal if it worked only through iTunes (and opened iTunes automatically for you if needbe). My real concern is spnding 300 bucks only to have a Gen 2 come out 2 months later that allows iTunes purchases among other things I'm not thinking of (possibly iChat video conferencing through the TV via Apple TV implemented iSight??)
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    i'd recommend waiting anyway. new technology often has bugs that are worked out a few weeks/months later. also, they might upgrade the :apple:TV's hard drive capacity and add/improve other features after the first few have been sold and they get some real feedback.
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    It's funny seeing this post, and looking at the :apple:TV now-a-days. If you haven't noticed yet, you can purchase movies, tv shows, etc. from the iTunes store ON your :apple:TV, which downloads directly on the HD of it. Lol, ;).
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    Thanks for bringing up an ancient thread and adding such useful info.:rolleyes:
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    LOL! Heck, I thought, why not. :)

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