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Apple TV Refresh to Be Stealth Update, Will Not Affect Product Features

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 30, 2013.

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    An Apple spokesperson spoke to The Next Web about the new Apple TV model disclosed in FCC filings yesterday.

    The company explained that the changes are strictly internal, and there won't be any new features or other changes. The Next Web is also reporting that the new Apple TV will use Apple's A5X processor from the third-generation iPad, and an upgraded Broadcom BCM4334 wireless chip, as was reported last night. The external size of the device will also remain the same.

    The new Apple TV will not be marketed as a new version, and it appears the only way to distinguish the old from the new is via the model number.

    Article Link: Apple TV Refresh to Be Stealth Update, Will Not Affect Product Features
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    Four oF NINE

    This doesn't seem like much of an update
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    Will an upgraded wireless chip enable it to stay connected to Home Sharing for more than 5 minutes without disconnecting (while two iPhones, an iPad, two Macs, and Windows PC stay connected in the same place)?
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    Interesting that Apple wouldn't want to at least put a "upated" banner on them or something. Why not take the nearly free marketing where you can on something you spent some engineering time on?
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Support is Telling

    At the moment, this doesn't offer much more than easy typing in search fields. Doesn't it seem like a version of Safari for Apple TV has to be on the way?
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    *Like Thumb turns blue
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    So now we can all relax again. ;)
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    Then iOS 7 better be spectacular...There's so much you could do with the Apple TV, and Apple has just sat on it for years.
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    It's not. They're just using the AppleTV to real-world test new manufacturing processes for the next iPad Mini chips.
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    It's a hobby, remember.....;)
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    What hasn't been a stealth update in the past 5 years?
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    2013 starts weird for apple :eek: looks like there is a bigger plan than we all expect.
    first the iPad 4 (Q4 2012) and now this.
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    Kudos for a smaller form factor.

    I guess it'll never come in aluminum... like a Mac mini micro? :eek:
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    I can't believe that apple dont see the mega-huge potential in apple tv...:confused:
    Give it some apps for gods sake!
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    Odd not have any issues with my ATV2 or 3 and home sharing. Connection stays put 24/7
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    Maybe the wifi is less congested where you are - I always see at least 15 other networks, often more. My other devices manage to negotiate the mess OK, but not the Apple TV.
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    I don't understand this part. Why is this not the case in the FCC filing diagram?
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    I reckon that will come in the next townhall meeting... iOS7 preview etc.

    Although technically it does have apps via iPad and iPhone airplay mirroring. I am surprised there are not more apps taking advantage of that. The whole dual screen thing can be awesome.
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    I think the bigger news is that they are actually commenting on this. Maybe a change in the TC regime.
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    It's sad how the rumors on this site are more exciting than the final products, but I guess we should get used to Apple's lack of innovation with all their evolutionary updates.
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    Because if they put an "updated" banner on it, hordes of internet complainers will spill out onto the net and complain that there's no new features.

    So really, a stealth update is fine.
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    Wait, so this update says that the dimensions will be the same, but yet the dimensions shown are smaller than the current ATV? So what's up with that?
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    Can someone explain to me just exactly what you do with a wireless keyboard on the un-jailbroken Apple TV other than input your email address or search ?

    It just seems like a lot to go through for Apple. A wireless keyboard is kind of useless unless there are apps on it.

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