Apple TV sales Must Be In The Toliet. [A Sam's Club in TN sold one at 50% off]

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by carfac, Oct 17, 2007.

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    The question is has a discount sale at Sam's ever been an indicator of product popularity?
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    Tell ya what- next time you see an iPod at 50% percent off at Sams Club, let me know, ok? Until then, I am gonna figure this is dumping slow selling product. A 1/2 off sale is not exactly indicative of a can't-keep-it-in-stock "popular" product....
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    With the iPhone getting one, maybe an AppleTV SDK would boost sales...
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    No one else has been able to find one for that price at other Sam's Clubs.

    It seems this was their last one in stock or something like that (from the commentor's posts.)
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    I've seen them at Costco recently for a discount. Don't recall the exact price, although it wasn't anywhere close to 50% off. BTW, they also sell iPods and even iTunes gift cards at a slight discount (I believe a $50 iTunes card is about $45 there.)
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    All the stores that have them they're at $299. Maybe Sam's had a few and they just wanted to get rid of them....
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    i don't think they're dumping it. steve's already said it's a hobby. they'll keep dabbling until they get it right. personally, i'd buy two if i could get it at this price.
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    although it probably doesn't sell millions, its a product apple has got to have available, its a long game, as most people just dont understand it, but sales will grow over time, but they need it available for the people who do understand it as an official itunes extender.
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    Sams stores are location-specific pricing. There were a few that had the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player for like $75 a few months back, but most stores were still full retail price. It's just a markdown when that particular store will no longer carry an item.
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    Sam's sells Cheesecakes, too (they're delicious by the way). I guess cheesecake sales must be in the toilet, since Sam's is obviously the barometer of sh*tty old products that no one wants anymore.
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    It's no secret that Apple TV is a huge failure. What a stupid product indeed.

    An HDTV-Only playback device that only playsback Apple's 720p format, but Apple doesn't offer any 720p content!

    Imagine the idiots who bought it....
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    It does what they said it would. Check the ATV forums, I don't see THAT many complaints.
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    Oh you poor, sad little man.. you're missing out! :p
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    Don't you dare dump all over Sam's Club. It's the only place in the world you can buy 8 pound bags of Chex Mix! :D

    Also, they don't have the appletv on their website (which allows you to check local prices)
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    I think Apple's plan isnt to make mass amount of money on Apple TV hardware anyway, but rather get a decent amount of units out there slowly but surely, make it a stable platform and then get ready for subsription based content and make money on that. Its going to take a while to secure all the partners and content providers so I would consider the AppleTV a long term investment.
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    I was one of the idiot who bought one.

    It's no longer hooked up to my TV.
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    If it does what I want, why shouldn't I buy it?
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    I don't know about Sam's Club, but when I've seen Apple products (other than iPods) at a sharp discount at Costco, it's been right before or after major product updates. I saw that happen with both iMacs and Mac Minis.

    I think if this is more than just a random clearance of the last AppleTVs that particular store had in stock, it may be further indication of the rumored pending updates to the AppleTV.
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    More evidence that AppleTV should be integrated in the New Mac Min.. er "Nano."
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    I think I'd acknowledge that they do have some sort of sales problem with it, but I think the problem is more that it's misunderstood.

    I picked mine up from Circuit City. I had to ask for it, and they only had a few in the back. They no longer give it shelf space.
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    I use AppleTV all the time. Its a great partner to my EyeTV. My tower records programs upstairs and sends them to AppleTV in the family room. Completely eliminated all my VCRs.
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    While the AppleTV could certainly be improved upon, I find it to be an immensely useful device. Anyone who thinks differently must not have a significant store of digital media.
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    Possible irony that your avatar is a picture of Fry in his underwear?

    PS: I agree that Apple TV sales will grow over time, with more digital media and possibly HD content on iTunes it will become immensely useful. Especially in conjunction with an EyeTV as someone already said.
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    That's ok, since I no longer give Circuit City my shopping time. :) Not a big fan of that place, personally....

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