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Apple TV saved my iTunes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by cohibadad, Nov 9, 2007.

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    I did a stupid thing. I needed more hard drive space so I moved my iTunes library onto an external drive. At first I had a duplicate on another external drive but I needed it for something so I thought I was going to be safe having only 1 copy temporarily. But the real stupid thing that I did was have my only copy on a 4 disk raid 0. One disk went bad and blammo. I thought I was going to have to recreate all 140 Gb of media (most of it tedious homemovie DV importing, editing, H.264 encoding, ugh) until I remembered I had synced it all to my Apple TV. So I software hacked the :apple:TV using the patchstick method on http://www.appletvhacks.net/ but I had to do one more thing for afp to work http://www.appletvhacks.net/?p=22&cp=9#comments (response 89) and voila! FYI both username and pw are frontrow

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