Apple TV shipped in the uk yet?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Nipz, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Just wondering if anyone in the uk has had their ordered states changed? Or is it just the USA guys?
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    Was a little late to the party, mine ships on the 8th - delivered 13th

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    When do you think it will be available in store? If its going to be later than mid october I may as well order one. :)
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    Check your status again. I preordered as soon as the online store was up. I have just checked and the payment was failing due to them having the incorrect card number! Now the strange this is, this number was correct as they did the £99 hold on my card at the beginning of September! Something had gone wrong on Apple's side. I have now paid so waiting for the status to change :)
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    I paid on debt card so was charged £99 straight away...
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    It should of only been a temp hold when you preorderd. They don't normally charge the card until ready for shipment
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    All I know is £99 went to apple and it never went back in :)
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    Mine was ordered on the 5th, still says "Not yet Shipped", estimated shipping September.
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    Nothing happening on mine yet:

    Sep 1, 2010 at 06:40 PM GMT - Order number Wnnnnnnnnn 
    Not yet shipped  
    Estimated Shipping: September  
    Product   Qty. 
    APPLE TV-GBR    1 
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    Nope, nothing happening here either.

    Sep 1, 2010 at 07:55 PM GMT
    Not yet shipped
    Estimated Shipping: September

    No money taken from my account yet either.
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    I don't think they are going to ship to the UK within the September timeframe now!
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    I'm in the UK and mine is now 'Prepped for Shipment' :D can't wait!

    I ordered literally the second the store came up on September 1 at 6:36pm, so hopefully they should go out soon!

    I think maybe my whinging on twitter pushed out quicker ;)

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    Why is your order details box black? Isn't it normally blue?
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    That is a tracking app.

    I have Prepared for shipment also (from the US site).

    Seems to be on time and following all the previous launches this year.
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    Perhaps they will be in-store on Friday or saturday? Anyone think that could happen?
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    Mine is still "not shipped" and I preordered on 1st September just after the announcement. Hope that will change today. :)
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    I am now also prepared for shipment in the UK, ordered at 11:33 PDT.
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    Order Date: Sep 1, 2010 at 06:41 PM GMT - Not Shipping (UK Order)
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    Exeter store doesn't know when they will get any :(
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    Mine just changed to "Prepared for Shipment" in the last few hours — ordered mine straight after the keynote.
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    I'm still at Not yet Shipped. Now I will admit to ordering it on the 6th but I'm still listed as ships by september. I'm guessing I may hear something by the end of the day at this rate.
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    My local doesn't know either. The thing with apple is that only the big bosses know when items are ready and they would most likely be shipped overnight ready for stores on the morning of release.
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    My order (placed on the 5th) has now moved on to "Prepared for Shipment" :D
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    Still nothing new for me :( but when I try to go to order details it says there is an error so maybe it's updating or something!!
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    Ok well I was right, I have just got my Prepared for Shipment. Yay.

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