Apple TV Shipping in February as Promised?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Vnunet claims to have received a short statement from an Apple spokeswoman regarding the ship date for the Apple TV:

    The comment is triggered by a recent ThinkSecret report that the Apple TV had been pushed to the beginning of March.

    The source of the confusion had been Apple's internal ship dates for Apple resellers to expect their Apple TV units. Indeed, also claimed that they were told not to expect a review unit before March.

    Early customers who placed online orders through the Apple Store are still being quoted a ship date "by February 28th".
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    prolly, weve already discussed the fact that the shipment date never changed...:apple: :apple: :apple:
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    The think secret report had always said "The first shipments of Apple TV to the company's retail stores have been pushed back to the beginning of March, Think Secret has learned."

    Its everyone else who miss read it
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    Clive At Five

    This proves that Apple Inc reads rumor sites.

    ...then again, so did Steve's acknowledgement of accidentally leaked stats for the G5's premier.


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    i hhave a friend who used to work for apple and he told me that they actually have a department that spends the whole day going thru rumour sites and the like seeing what people are saying.

    I mean, talk about cheap market research. Whenever something is announced then everyone starts to whinge and whine about the product and its short comings. I guess this gives apple a good idea as to what features people want in things and what they think about the products.

    With the high exposure apple now gets they need to know what people are thinking and what they require in products, and well, its always nice to know what people are saying about you :).
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    cant they just moderate their own Apple forums for whines and gripes? (and rumors/news)
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    Just imagine, one of us might be an undercover apple agent!
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    tomAto, TOMaTO

    Shipping the final day in February or the beginning of March. What's the difference? No one will actually receive one until March anyway.:rolleyes:
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    There could be someone from Apple lurking here right now as we speak! :D

    On topic, that's good that the :apple: TV is going to ship as expected...
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    Clive At Five

    It's him! Bag the Noob!


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    Is it just me or is the difference between "Feb 28" and "The beginning of March" just a few days? Feb only has 28 days in it! Why does everyone think this is news? Are we that desperate for rumors? IMHO, This should be a page 3 or 4 post if those pages existed.
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    Don't focus group members normally get paid? Hello, Apple? :D
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    Page 3 :p
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    In that case ..... Steve, fix the shuffle so it can autosync podcasts and audiobooks. Not cool how podcasts and audio books can not sync like music does.

    I hope so, this is the best blog anyway, where else could they be?
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    off topic I know .Forgive me Mods...BUT this seems to tick me off for some reason.

    How do you figure MacRumors is a BLOG?

    arn doesn't come in here and give his daily thoughts,rants and pics.etc..

    This is a Mac Community Discussion Board.And the best I might add.
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    End of Feb vs beginning of March? What is that? Like 5 days? Geez.
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    Mea culpa ..... The best comunity Discussion Board, ever.
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    If people are going to make up junk news and tittle tattle can they at least speculate about something interesting..(like the rumored spreadsheet element of Iwork 7 - that sort of 'completes the 'office' replacement suite doesn't it!)
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    well the sooner the better i guess, as long as it's right. looking forward to playing with one of these in an Apple Store
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    chief, got nothing these days I guess.

    The first one, well, ok, that was another excuse to discuss a bit the product, but you are looking desperate !!!!
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    I just have one word for you: YES :D

    Apple rumors, moderate dose of caffeine (read: lots of it), and one glass of red wine a day will help you getting old healthy......
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    I still don't get how a short story like this gets negative scores!. Can someone explain? Or is that just the secret MS operatives from the dedicated dept at MS which are tasked to watch these forums too.
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    Can't wait!
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    Seriously, who cares about it. It is deemed to be a flop at least this version.
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    :rolleyes: I'm bet that almost everyone who bought it cares.

    As for it flopping, go look at the thread about the iPod when Jobs first released it.

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