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Apple TV shipping when

Discussion in 'iPod' started by 68134, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. 68134, Jan 28, 2007
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    An "Apple" TV question

    I'm thinking of ordering one, but I heard that the shipping is terrible. When's the earliest day they arrive, say you ordered one the release date...
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    And who knows when they'll arrive.

    IIRC, Apple is shipping the Airport Extremes today, even though people who ordered on the release date were giving delivery dates of March 3rd'sh. So they'll be getting them about a month earlier than their shipping date said.

    Maybe the aTV will be the same, ... maybe it won't.

    I know that my local Apple store doesn't have the new AE's in stock today even though Apple's shipping them out, so it's not like I can get one before those who ordered online do.
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    I have been checking my order every day and no updates. Its looking like the ship date might be true ... end of February :(
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    While I hope it will ship earlier, I think Feb. 28 is actually realistic. Can't wait to get mine...
  6. 68134, Jan 31, 2007
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    Gotcha. I'm probably going to wait until they stock up on both AE's and :apple: TV's . Then I'll see if I can get 1 AE station and 3 or 4 :apple: TV systems for the house.
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    sounds like a great plan.

    from what i've heard, people who ordered them say their estimated ship date is feb 28 and then add the week or so for shipping and you're already into march.
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    That's what mine says. Hoping for sooner.

    Hip! Hip! HoorappleTV.
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    I hope it will ship soons...since Apple is shipping out the Airport stations soon, hopefully :apple: TV will ship soon
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    I am pretty bumbed about the current release date. Its a fairly simple device it should have been shipping already. I understand that there was a big delay on the Macbook pros last year, but thats a lot different.

    If the AE are shipping now, I don't see why AppleTVs aren't shipping yet. The Apple store still says shipping February, so maybe tomorrow being February 1st it will update. If it changes to "3 - 4 weeks" then we all know we have a long wait to go.

    What sucks even more is that I am moving at the end of February, so on top of having to change the ship location (to a location I don't know yet) ... I can't show off the device to the people I know who really wanted to check it out before they bought it. (I am moving across country, so its not like they can just drive over to check it out)
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    see this thread, linked from the news item on the front page.

    if you don't want to click the link...
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    Has anyones order ship date actually updated for the AppleTV yet ? Mine is still showing Feb 28th.

    Also interesting is that the Apple site still shows shipping in February.
  15. 68134, Feb 5, 2007
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  16. weg
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    The thing that I don't get is why people just don't get an XBox 360.. its about the same price AND it can be used to play games, too. I don't really get the point of this whole Apple-TV thing.
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    Because you can't play iTunes-purchased music/videos on a Xbox360?
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    Physical size? 802.11n? Not wanting to have to "figure out" how to make the 360 act like media center?
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    1) 360 doesn't support n networks, or gigabit. So, streaming 720p content won't happen. I own a 61" DLP set, so I can take FULL advantage of HD content.
    2) I just plug in the AppleTV and it works, if I wanted a build our own system device I would just use my existing MythTV setup.
    3) Making a remote work with the 360 isn't going to happen. With AppleTV I can use one of those very expensive and fancy logitech remotes. (Which I will be purchasing soon)
    4) Can't play content purchased on iTunes with a 360 or MythTV setup. (Not in any legal fashion anyhow)
    5) Much harder to have it cached to the device from an external machine. My media server will handle pulling the content from its sources. I have a number of external drives and internal raid5 drives for this system. It is a multi terabyte system. (This is not a Windows media server, its a total custom brew system using OS X and Linux)
    6) If I wanted to play games, I would just play my Playstation 3.
    7) Its very easy to have 2 or more of these systems in my house. One in the family room, one in the bedroom.
    8) It will just work, no fooling around with modding the system to make it work. I also don't need to wedge it into existing systems.

    If you don't get the AppleTV, then its not for you. Its as simple as that.

    Not to mention, people coming over and seeing it will be far more impressed with AppleTV then a modded xbox setup, or a clunky existing system.
  20. 68134, Feb 6, 2007
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    1080i/P doesn't even need 802.11n or gigabit, people on the AVS Forum have been streaming HD for a year now.:rolleyes:
    Oh, so you have your Apple TV already?:rolleyes:
    So the remote that orginally shipped with the Xbox 360 won't happen, or doesn't exist?
    So now you have two of them...?
    Since when does an Xbox 360 need to be modded to view HD content?
    Good to know that you are not only mis-informed but that you also find it important to show off. :rolleyes:
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    I have a 360 and wish I could get it to work as a media center. For the most part, I have it working. I could play music, view photos, but video is a different story. It only plays .wmv files. I've tried using programs like Transcode360 http://runtime360.com/projects/transcode-360/
    that runs on the PC and converts the files to .wmv on the fly when you go to play it on the 360 but it doesnt work all the time. Plus It's a pain trying to play Podcasts through the 360.

    However, there is a great program called Connect360 http://www.nullriver.com/index/products/connect360
    that will let your 360 connect to your Mac and I am able to play all my iTunes content including Playlists (except for iTunes purchased Music). It actually works better than Microsofts own Media Connect and it is running on a Mac!!

    But I love my 360 and I wish they would let you play other video besides wmv without all the hassle of trying to convert them and stuff.

    This is where I see th Apple TV as being a good product. It won't play all the video formats, but at least it plays more than the 360 does, and you don't have to run any hacks and the setup seems pretty straight forward
  23. weg
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    Well, THAT seems to be enough of an argument for quite a lot of Apple zealots :D
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    Its amazing how much people misunderstood my points.

    1) Regarding the remote for the 360, I was misinformed that it was proprietary and used a radio signal rather then IR. (The PS3 uses bluetooth for the remote, so the logitech remote doesn't work for it)

    2) I do not presently own an AppleTV. Like many others, I am waiting for the shipment. I only purchased 1 for now.

    3) Let me expand more on what I was saying about the 360 not being able to stream HD unless its on a fast network. Sure, you can stream HD over a 100MB network, or what not. However, when you add more then 1 system it will bog down. Not to mention, rewinding, pre-caching, sync, etc will be delayed much more on a slower network. I can push a few GB of shows over to the AppleTV on a gigabit network very fast. Pre-caching a show would take seconds to cache the entire thing.

    4) I have had a MythTV system for quite a while. My friends know me as an early adopter of crazy new things. I have always been like that. They know who to turn to, to see some new crap that nobody else is using yet. My MythTV system is nothing new, been there done that. AppleTV takes it to the next level, so they will be impressed to see it. Now, don't get me wrong ... I am not trying to go out of my way to impress anyone. I could care less what people think of me. I am talking about my friends, who have known me a very long time and know me for doing things much more overboard then it needs to be. For example, encoding my entire DVD library. (500+ DVDs) I have an encoding farm of machines running 24/7 trying to complete it.

    5) Regarding the comment of plugging it in and going with it. Guess what, its an Apple product. I am willing to bet money that setup will be very straight forward and easy. I am also willing to bet it will be more stable then my MythTV setup, and xbox 360, windows media center, etc. If it doesn't, I will admit defeat and promptly sell the unit on eBay.

    Honestly, its up to you. If you don't see the value in the AppleTV, don't buy it. If you would rather have a 360, more power to you. I find the AppleTV a perfect product to fit my needs.
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    Its not he same price---with Wi-fi(and its still lacks Wireless N) it 500+tax(plus 20 for Macconnect for it), its bigger size, it has a small hard drive, it can't get iTMS Media.

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