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Apple TV staff working overtime on new model.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Gromit, Sep 23, 2009.

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    If it's true, I can't see it being a brand new, revamped model with tons of notable features. I can only imagine it being an under the hood update with maybe a faster processor and a slightly bigger hard drive. Kinda like how they up the specs on their laptops from time to time.

    A significant new model with significantly important, new features would likely debut at a keynote.

    I really don't think its true at all though. My guess is they'll stick with the 160GB model they have now, since it does pretty much everything necessary (HD video, music, etc) and and maybe focus on a netbook because there's so much hype and anticipation for it. The netbook/tablet is creating the same rumors and hype as a cell phone was back in 2004 - 2006. It's reaching a boiling point.
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    oh The Daily Mirror has always been a reliable source for anything :rolleyes:
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    Uh, how would they know apple employees are working OT?
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    Yes . . . british T&A.
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    I think we all expect something to come out of the AppleTV team soon. The AppleTV is simply a very low end Mac that still runs a custom version of Tiger. It could be upgraded to run a customized version of Snow Leopard and support all types of new features.

    We'll see. :D
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    just a bit of perspective, the Mirror is a tabloid equally capable of the truth and untruth (bushism thrown in for free!!)
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    Probably from the class action lawsuits about overtime pay? :)
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    Not familiar. Could you post a link?
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    There have been several overtime related lawsuits (link, link), but I was joking that they are related to AppleTV.

    Sounds like The Mirror just put 1 and 1 together, and got 3.
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    Ah, I see. Thanks. :)
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    This is great news.

    Maybe an October Keynote is coming after all.
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    There was a member of this team who used to occasionally post here... I think he was scared away awhile ago though.
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    Please!!! I would love to pick one up right now. Just add an app store and the ability to sync up an iPhone/iPod Touch over bluetooth for gaming/navigation/web-surfing and I would be more than happy.:rolleyes::apple:
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    You had me laughing good with this one. No kidding, a TEAM? lol

    The sad part is, a team of two to three full time (not over time) employees could do some serious good for this product over a month or two.
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    Exactly. It's not like apple hasn't got a bit of cash to splash out on another programmer to keep the guy company! ;)

    Joking aside, i love ATV but i really wish apple would stop thinking of it as "a hobby" and put a few more people on the case....
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    Billy Boo Bob

    I'd rather just see them release AppleTV as a software product for any Intel Mac. Pick up a Mini and run ATV software and you got one powerful enough to handle pretty much whatever you throw at it. Got a "spare" Mac sitting around, or one acting as a small volume server? Perfect choice.

    If you want it to act like an ATV full time, place the launcher in your startup items.

    That way you could get out of ATV software and use a browser on your HugeScreen HDTV without having to screw around with that silly remote. And you could actually watch MLB.TV with a nice picture (all I get is jumpy video through XBMC).
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    Check this out... Not official but i read a post by someone in another thread saying he was using it and it worked just fine....

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    New iMacs are coming with a more Cinema Display look.

    What's the chance they'll be an Apple HDTV? Internal HDD, off-air recording, iTunes streaming, downloadable content, web browser etc.
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    I personally don't care if it's just a minor HDD upgrade. I'm just happy that the ATV isn't dead! I love that little box.

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