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Apple TV Versus actual DVD, upscaled.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Vagrant Pistol, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Vagrant Pistol

    Has anyone seen a post or a site that does a comparison between a Handbrake file with a 2500 bitrate, against the DVD source, upscaled on a PS3 (or bluray player), XBox 360 or an HD DVD player? I'm curious to see the quality you would lose, if any. I'm just really impressed my handbrake. It looks as if handbrake cleaned up the movies and gave them a better picture. :apple:
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    It's very minor, and at a regular viewing distance, I don't see a real difference. Very dark scenes however can produce more noise.
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    Vagrant Pistol

    Yeah thats the one thing I notice, is that I see some minor noise in dark scenes. But I still wish some one had comparisons; Gonna check the handbrake forums next...:apple:
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    I generally find that the quality output of handbrake is very good, yes the noise in the black areas is a problem and it has some gamma issues. Though saying that, from my experience using upscaling on a DVD to a 1080p tv i do find the upscaled DVD to be better by a reasonable margin. Especially on a bigger tv.

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