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Apple TV vs stuff on regular flat screen

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by fjs08, Mar 30, 2012.

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    At the Apple store the other day and a rep there showed me Apple TV (ATV).
    Looked very nice. Discussed w a friend who said I could get the same stuff on a new flatscreen at Best Buy anytime for no extra cost.
    Is this true??
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    Most flat panels run some version of Linux that often has media features. I own an LG LV5400 that has media streaming over DLNA, Netflix, photo viewer, usb support (avi, mp4, etc.), web browsing.
    The ATV offers these same features (minus web browsing) through itunes and iphoto without the need for additional software. I run a free DLNA server application for streaming movies and tv shows from my hard drive.

    It just depends on how comfortable you are with managing those different applications.
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    Why not have your friend show you what he meant? Getting that stuff on a "Flatscreen" and ATV will have pretty different learning curves on them.
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    Apple TV is not a television. ATV delivers the content to any television you may have.
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    Some things e.g. Netflix are now built into some TVs. Other things such as integration with iTunes store and iTunes local libraries for video are not. The long answer is that it's partly true, but whether that is relevant depends on what you want to use it for. Mine has a load of stuff built in that I never use, and a few things that I do use. And I have Apple TV as well to complement what the TV can do already, not duplicate it.
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    Some of the things that are available on the aTV are features on many mid-high tier TVs. Things like YouTube and Netflix are pretty much standard on TVs.

    There are other things that the aTV (and other streamers like Roku) has that TVs don't have yet. MLB, NBA, NHL, Vimeo, etc.

    Lastly, the aTV has something that no TV has (nor will have, unless Apple's willing to deal). AirPlay. If you have a newish iOS device, this is a key feature. Videos, games, mirroring ... it's all there and easy. Also, if you're invested in iTunes purchases, then you have the ability to easily play that content on your TV using the aTV.
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    >>but whether that is relevant depends on what you want to use it for.<,

    I'd love to get MLB, NHL, iTunes and run my computer from my sofa on occasion.
    Now I have to get up and go to my office, etc to get to my computer. It would be nice to just pick it up and not have to get up <g>. I like that w my iPad, but there are loads of things I NEED my Mac for that I can't quite do on iPad like spreadsheeting.
    I have old versions of iPhone (3G), iPad (1), and MBP (OLD!!). Looking to upgrade all 3 based on when Apple comes out their new Mac's that are MBA thin, etc.
    Looks like Apple TV may be in the offing too. Sounds nice.
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    It sounds like it will be a good fit for you.
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    Well you can spend $100 for an ATV or spend almost $1000 for a new TV, which you may not need, for the same(ish) features. And with the ATV, you can hook it up from TV to TV, bring it to a friend's place, or hook it up to a projector...

    I recently bought a LG ST600 stream box for a cheap $50, and I can only assume a very similar interface is integrated into LG's higher-end TV's. Tried to stream some movies with it, and I hated it. YMMV, but I found the interface slow (like the remote wouldn't respond sometimes) and one of the biggest deal to me was I couldn't seem to fast forward or rewind in increments no less than 3 minutes! Kind of annoying. But that's LG, I would expect a bit better from something like Samsung.

    I think it's best you decide what you would do with a stream box (Netflix, rent movies online, stream movies from your computer, sports channels which cost like $80/year for a subscription, etc) and get what you need. Try the stream/online features with the TV's at Best Buy, but it's not likely you'll be able to try streaming a movie from a computer or something.
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    was reading on the Apple site...
    >>With AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your widescreen TV via Apple TV.<<

    Am I to assume I can't "stream" any content from my Mac to my TV via ATV??
    As in basically sit at my couch and use my computer on the TV via ATV??

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    You can play videos and music using iTunes on your computer through the Apple TV. Mountain Lion will also have Airplay mirroring so that you can mirror your entire computer screen onto your Apple TV.

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