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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by DennisMadsen, May 5, 2012.

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    I got the new Apple TV some weeks ago. Since then I've noticed that my iMac is turning on within 30-60 minutes after I put it into sleep -- even when I'm not using the ATV. Also in the night when I'm not using my Apple TV, the iMac is turning on. But I stops when I disconnect the power from the Apple TV.

    "Wake for network access" is enabled on my iMac, as I need it to be turned on when accessing applications like EyeTV, but I do not like my Apple TV to turning the iMac on when I'm not using it.

    Does someone know, why my Apple TV is turning on my iMac?
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    is it fully waking up? ie screen coming on.
    or is it only waking up the HDD etc but the screen is NOT coming on?

    if the latter, then this is normal behaviour for the bonjour sleep proxy.
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    No, it's not a fully wake up.
    After I enabled "Wake for network access" for my iMac it wakes up once every 1-2 hours and goes to sleep within 1 minute. This behavior is not logged by the "syslog |grep -i "Wake reason" command and is probably just for maintaining the network connection.

    But why will my Apple TV need my iMac to wake every 30-60 min? The big problem is, that my iMac does not automatically goes into sleep again.
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    what you described sounds like the normal behaviour for the bonjour sleep proxy.



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