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Apple TV with iOS 4.0 unable to be jailbroken?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sidgriffey, Nov 8, 2010.

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    I have an Apple TV (2nd Gen) and it has the 4.0 firmware. It seems that all others have 4.1, and I suspect the 4.0 is causing problems in my effort to jailbreak the device. Every time I try with Pwnage tool, iTunes just ends up restoring the device to 4.0 factory settings. This despite the fact that the tool appears to be generating the requisite custom 4.1 ipsw. Anyone have a suggestion or workaround?
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    The ATV2 shipped with firmware 4.0 and there has not been any upgrades released by Apple yet. So I doubt your JB issues are related to 4.0.

    I have not JB my ATV2 yet and I will not until any compelling JB apps are released.
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    If you restore with the custom firmware nothing appears different. The jailbreak on the AppleTV only installs SSH for the time being. So there is not a visual apperence of anything until you install something.

    Try to ssh into the device and then you know for sure it is jailbroken.
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    what is the advantage of doing this now?
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    OH, I see ... so in other words, I won't see any new headings of any kind in the UI? That makes sense I guess.

    Do you have a link or are you willing to explain the steps needed to install Plex on the jailbroken Apple TV? Do I just SSH into the unit with Terminal, or do I use Cyberduck or the like to facilitate this?

    Thanks for the heads up
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    Here's a simple video on how to install Plex...

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    Thanks. I will give that a try when I get home tonight and report back.
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    you can ssh in through terminal the above video is really good...they just fixed the plex issue...just installed it..really sweet, have plex running on the Apple TV, my dream has finally come true!!:D
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    Here is the forum at Plex on the subject and instructions on how to install.

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    Funny I had the same issue yesterday, only difference is I could not get the pwnage tool to say I was in DFU mode without plugging in the power cord. But then I could not get iTunes to restore, it would spin the color wheel "preparing device for restore" forever.

    I could get it in DFU mode (verified via about this mac / usb) but I still couldn't get it to restore. I would get error 21 I think. I might have to wait for greenp0isen or something else.
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    Hey all --

    Good news: I have successfully installed Plex. The above comment about the jailbreak was indeed correct. Nothing looks different in the Apple TV interface. You simply open Terminal on your mac and follow the steps (use the adjusted steps that factor in the Plex changes from recently).

    QUESTION: I have several MKV and AVI files that Plex Media Server does not reflect. I have the folder included in my settings, and I even tried dropping these files in another folder as a test.

    Does anyone know how to configure Plex to allow you to play MKV and AVI files over iOS? I notice this problem affects not only Plex on Apple TV, but also iPad and iPhone 4.
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    Does Plex on your ATV2 enable you to watch Hulu on the Apple TV 2?

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