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Apple TV won't go into standby or reset to factory defaults

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by im_to_hyper, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I just sold this to a guy on here... I had gotten it in a trade, connected it to my TV and everything worked fine and dandy for me. I just kinda left my stuff on there and figured he could just reset it, whatevs.

    He got it, and now:

    -The thing won't go into standby. He holds the play/pause button for a very long time (>6s) and nothing happens.

    - The thing will not reinstall or reset to factory default. Neither the menu nor the remote combination work. (PS I don't even know what he means by that)

    I need your guy's help getting this working: I cannot afford to give a refund for another 4 weeks, since I have no money in checking, have to pay $$ for a summer class, and have to pay some bills. I'm in a hole, and selling this helped save me for awhile.

    Could it be a dying battery in the remote, or something with the IR receiver? If all else fails: DHL damage claim the best bet, before its too late?
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    Well, the guy who bought it is going to try updating to the newest firmware today... do you think that will have any effect on it?

    What about unplugging, waiting 5 minutes, and plugging it back in?

    Does anyone know of the remote controls dying?
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    Sure, unplugging it and waiting a bit might cause it to reboot and work.
    Of course the remote could be dead, the little light on the front should blink when you click on the remote and point it at it.
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    Hey guys,

    I just got this message today. HELP!!!!!!!

    It worked fine before I shipped it, now its doing this. Any tips or tricks for completely restoring it or anything like that? Anyway way to make it reset itself or anything?

    It worked FINE fore me before shipping it. Do you think it could have been damaged in shipment? In which case, he should just file a DHL claim, since I insured it?

    - The aTV will NOT update itself.
    - The aTV will NOT restore itself.
    - The aTV will NOT play rented movies.
    - The aTV will NOT go to standby.
    - The aTV will NOT function properly via HDMI nor component output.
    - The aTV is NOT still under warranty.
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    Sounds like its dead.
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    Just like, no reason at all, just stopped working? Odd.
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    no, it's not like it once did all of the above. it never did. this is how it acted upon receipt.

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    When he said it died, that is what I meant... like if shipping damage caused something to go wonky. I even had pictures of it in my thread that I took right before boxing it up, with it working fine on my TV.
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    -The thing won't go into standby. He holds the play/pause button for a very long time (>6s) and nothing happens.

    I didn't even know you could put an Apple TV into standby. I've had two for a few years and just left them on. Doh!:eek:
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    off topic: im_to_hyper, duluth eh ? nice. UMD used to have many a decent party back in the day. ;)

    Great snowmobiling as well. Spirit mountain isn't bad, but cold as h3ll in Jan. or Feb. Spent a few *late* evenings in the warehouse.

    Back to your regularly scheduled yacking. :)
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    ANOTHER LINK OF PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS -- See above link as well, for standby-ing (??)

    Anyway, yeah Duluth is pretty nice. I'm actually going into my third year at UMD right now... and in fact I'm sitting in the Housing Maintenance department working at the desk. Partying... sadly not enough of that in my life!

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