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Apple tv2 drive

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by brownw89, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I am trying to setup my apple tv2 for a movie library and am uncertain of what to use for a storage device. The computer im using for home sharing is a 2006 white IMac with osx10.6.8 that's 2.16 core 2 duo. That computer only has a 250gb internal hardriver that's mostly used up. I am wondering if I should buy a new 1 tb external hard drive that runs at 7200 rpm or should I make space on my Macs internal? The only way to connect an external hard drive is either by usb2.0 or FireWire 400.

    Now I tried on an old 500 gb 5400 rpm western digital for the storage device but the movie load times were very slow along with dropouts of the movie. If I wanted to fast forward or start a movie from we're I left off it would not load. All of this did work on the internal drive on the Mac seamlessly. So back to my original question would buying a faster newer external solve the problem or I would this still happen because it's external and only using usb2.0?
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    An external drive will do just fine. I use a old 320GB 5400RPM seagate Freeagent go for most of my stuff. It really will depend on the bitrate and quality of videos I'm using (I've downscaled mine because I used them on my old video and touch, etc.) but USB will handle the bandwidth just fine.

    Another thing to consider is where the Apple TV, Computer, and Router are relative to each other- if you're trying to pump the video from your basement computer via your wireless router, all the way up to the top floor of your house for example- absolutely its going to be slower, but if you're less distance away or using some wired connections between at least two of the units, then it will also improve the performance.

    and of course... just start the movie, let it buffer while you go make popcorn and come back and boom you've got a solid buffered/downloaded portion ready to go :D
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    I have a two story house. The iMac is upstairs and the apple tv is downstairs both wireless. My movies are DVD quality and sound so not to large and not too small. The wireless is fine since the movies work via the internal drive of the iMac but when the external drive is used its very slow. FYI I tested to see if it was the USB connection on the iMac by using my MacBook and the external was the same speed. Will this happen on any external even if it's newer and has a faster spin rate?
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    its definitely worth trying. Worst case scenario says you have another hard drive which is never a bad thing. The way you talk about the old drive almost makes it sound like its a old USB 1.1 haha!
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    I definately think that the problem is with your external drive. There may be a problem with it or it may be just a slow drive. Either way, invest in something better.

    I use my Xbox 360 to play movies and shows stored on an external drive connected to my 2005 Mac mini and I have no latency issues whatsoever.

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