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Apple TV2 UK shows Netflix?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jamied95, Feb 4, 2011.

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    On the Internet tab it shows Netflix movies across the top, and I'm in the UK, so why's that happening?

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    Did you buy atv2 from outside of the uk? On ebay or something?
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    Or do you have an account with the US iTunes store?
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    It looks like it's a bug in the software, my friends UK ATV2 does exactly the same.

    If you go over to the internet menu it show the Netflix top movies at the top of the screen even through there is no Netflix option in the Internet menu for UK users. Now if you go down to Youtube they will be replaced with the top Youtube videos and will never return untill the ATV goes to sleep and wakes-up again, at which point they will be back.... Way to go Apple:rolleyes:

    You can even select one of the Netflix videos, but it will then ask for your account details.
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    It'd be nice if Apple remembered that there is a world outside the USA.
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    nothing to do with apple.
    netflix don't operate in the UK, so that's the reason why it isn't there.

    why is everything automatically apple's fault? even when it has nothing to do with them?
  7. roidy, Feb 6, 2011
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    This seems to be a bug in the software, and that has everything to do with Apple.

    We know Netflix don't operate in the UK, we're not stupid. The whole point of this thread is no Netflix in the UK but the ATV2 still shows the top Netflix movies.

    Everything isn't automatically Apples fault, but this is as an Apple TV used in the UK shouldn't show any Netflix content at all, just like it shows no TV rentals.
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    Appreciate this is months late but having only just seen this issue, suspect I know why.

    Out of the box, Apple TV 2 defaults to a US setup and thus Netflix will appear in the menu as will TV Shows. Don't believe me? Do a full reset and see for yourself.

    However, when you log in to your iTunes store account and your Apple TV obtains your account geographical location, customisation takes place and Netflix and TV Shows gets zapped.

    So not a bug, if this is what is happening.
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    Yes we know the ATV defaults to the US on first use, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the Netflix top movies appeared even through we had changed our country to the UK and there was no Netflix menu option.

    However as this is now almost 6 months later the problem was solved in one of the updates.

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