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Apple TV2

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Yakuza, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Hei guys!

    So, the Apple TV2 is finally on sale where i live and i have some questions.

    My girfriend and i have a MBP connected to the tv to watch movies in the living room, and we were thinking of buying an ATV2 and we can't connect a external disk to it, it has to stream from the computer but no problem there.

    The problem is we want to watch movies that we have on our hdd with subtitles, and i've read that ATV2 doens't do that, at least if doesn't has JB.

    We use VLC a lot to watch movies+subtitles.

    Is there a way to make this work?

    Thank you
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    The Apple TV can display movies with subtitles. When you are playing the movie just hold the center button on the remote for a couple of seconds and a small menu pops up with the option. This does require that the movies have the subtitles properly encoded but there are quite a few solutions for this.
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    so basically all i have to do is just turn the home sharing on and selecting the folder with the movies, and from the ATV2 access those folders, right?

    all the movies that i have are located inside a folder with the movie and substitle files both under the same name

    (ex: Tron Legacy.avi + Tron Legacy.srt)
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    Just JB it. You can still use the ATV2 for the normal stuff, but you can then fire up XBMC for your AVI/MKV/etc with subtitles.
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    i know i can do JB :p

    but i was hoping to be my last choise

    just wanted to know if it was possible to do this some how without JB
  6. Yakuza, Nov 17, 2011
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    basically i'de like to know whether or not i can see movies from a folder on the hdd rather from iTunes.
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    Without jailbreak , it's only iTunes stuff you can see.
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    You also must have videos that are ATV2 compliant, Handbrake can convert them.
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    damn, i was afraid of that answer lolol

    ok, so be it
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    Not without a jailbreak.
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    thanks :)

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