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Apple Update iMovie '08 to 7.0.1

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Apple has posted an update to iMovie '08 today.
    Apple released iMovie '08 with iLife '08 in August. The new version rewrote iMovie from scratch, leading to some transition pains.

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    I still don't understand what all the griping was about with iMovie '08. It is still a fantastic editor!
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    Movie 08 update

    Installed, everything looks fine. I love iMovie '08, very innovative!
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    Anyone else concerned about how quickly these updates have come out considering iLife '08 hasn't been out even a month yet?
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    iMovie '08 is growing on me for short small projects. The new editing features are very cool.

    But, the griping was due to the complete removal of some important features. Examples include detailed audio control, extracting audio, visual effects, third party plugins, themes, and iDVD integration.

    We've heard the "you still have iMovie HD" argument. I can't believe people try to use this argument, I guess we never need to update any software ever again, right?

    iMovie power users (like me) have a right to be annoyed. You expect new features and performance improvements to old features in a new release.

    Apple could have avoided much of these issues by just renaming the new app to iVideo or something.

    What they did is similar to giving you TextEdit and calling it Pages '08. "Look, you can write a letter in like 30 seconds!"
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    Anyone else concerned that Apple couldn't get this update out sooner?

    Contrary to popular repetition, iMovie 08 does ADD features (like crop and rotate), it doesn't just take them away and add ease-of-use.

    And many of the features people have been saying were removed--like multiple audio tracks that start and end at any time--are in fact still there. A lot of misinformed hysteria has been repeated. (And I'm guilty of believing some of it. See my list of features I THOUGHT were gone that were not, along with a great iMovie 08 MacWorld review, here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=4075837&postcount=2 )

    And yes, some things were removed (maybe temporarily) by this change. If you want certain effects, like lens flares or manual audio-ramping (instead of the new automatic levels and ducking) you'll want to use iMovie 06. If you don't like iMovie 08, this may reduce the value you find in iLife 08, and if it doesn't have enough value, there's no need to buy every update. I sure don't :) If you were using 05 or lower, then this update gets you 06 and 08 both--and the same is true if you buy a new Mac today. An unusual kind of update, but good value.
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    Fade out music?

    There is still not fading out music option. I think the updates are great as small issues need to be addressed. Wait till leopard comes out then we will be having some update pushed for sure
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    ...they also updated iPhoto to 7.0.1 and iWeb to 2.0.1...
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    A little but at least I know the OS is being worked on along with its applications.
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    Small White Car

    The griping is that they should have called it "Something Else" ver. 1.0.

    Seriously, that's it. I did a bunch of long-winded complaining about the program when it came out, but I would have had nothing bad to say if they had done that one simple move. It would have been more honest, I think.
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    Nah. Burning DVDs takes time so they end up locking down a version fairly early. There's a pretty big gap between the dvd version and when people actually get it. Online releases on day 1 are fairly common and usually not too big a deal.
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    My iMovie is still messed up :(.
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    Steve said quite clearly in the announcement that this was a NEW program, starting from scratch. There was no dishonest attempt to hide this fact, since it's largely a good thing :)

    The pain of the name will fade, since both versions are still around.
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    Music fades out automatically.

    Yep...a few days ago.
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    Geez, a 0.0.1 update, and it still is crap. :rolleyes:
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    i'll install it when i get a chance. i really don't have a problem with imovie 08, i just gotta get used to it
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    Small White Car

    __% People who watched Steve Jobs' announcement

    __% People who see iLife first either online or in a store

    I don't know those numbers. But I'm betting the 2nd one is far, far bigger. You want to argue that the first number is significant? I can't say for sure since I don't know the number, but I think it's very unlikely!
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    Couldn't agree more. Very easy application for novice consumers who want to do something with there short movies.

    I tired the old version and ended up feeling that my project sucked and the time was lost after more than an hour of trying to make something. With the new iMovie I created two nice montages in 20 minutes.
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    Installed the update to see if it did anything visually, can't see anything so far.

    Not sure what it fixed or improvement - I still find the program extremely tedious to use.
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    The #1 think I dislike about iMovie 08 is its inability to directly open projects made in previous versions. Importing doesn't cut it. Importing can take hours and chews up disk space since it essentially copies the dv files into the new format.
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    Possibly, but you are overstating the case. How many percent of current iMovie '06 user have upgraded? How many percent of these have watched the keynote or read any half-decent reporting about it and how many have just found out about via Apple stores or resellers, Apple's website, or update mechanisms.

    The point is, those who have upgraded are the informed crowd and just reading a Mac news site would have also informed you about it.
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    I wonder if Apple could combine the best of iMovie HD and the best of iMovie '08 into a future update. That would make everyone happy. :apple:
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    It feels weird seeing it as 7.0.1, yet it's called iMovie '08. I know it's nothing major. Just thought I'd point that out...

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