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Apple Updates Apple TV, Remote for iOS with iTunes 11 Support

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Apple has updated the Apple TV's software as well as the Remote app for iOS, presumably adding support for iTunes 11 and the new iCloud features introduced within it. The Apple TV release has a build number of 10A831.

    The Apple TV can be updated directly on the unit by going to the Settings menu, then General, then selecting Update Software. The last Apple TV update was released back in September.
    The Remote app has been updated with a new view for iPad as well, one that looks almost identical to iTunes 11. It allows users to control iTunes or the Apple TV using their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over a Wi-Fi network.
    Remote is a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Apple Updates Apple TV, Remote for iOS with iTunes 11 Support
  2. zed
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    Any word in iTunes Extras for AppleTV?
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    This one goes to 11 !
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    Wow, it's beautiful! :)
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    too many (well, more) clicks to get to the app store.

    moan moan, otherwise nice and snappy.
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    Apple TV 5.1.1 (10A831) changelog?

    Apple just released 5.1.1 (10A831), i didnt updated it yet as per my earlier bad experience, if someone has updated it please let us know what are the changes and the BUGS too, so that we can think over it to update or not
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    This! I'm installing the update now so we'll see in a bit....

    I really hope so. They've been promising Extras ever since the ATV 2.

    Also, I'm liking the new white play arrow on the logo.
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    Nothing unfortunately. Heres the changes from the Apple website:

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    Like the new Remote 3.0

    Like the new 3.0 Remote App I have found so far:

    *Access all the content types
    *Ability to make it stay awake/alive in settings for instance access
    *Turn visuallizer on and off remotely and it automatically goes full screen. Nice little feature: say you go from a movie to music while hooked up to screen or projector, instead of being stuck looking at the library.
    *Up next preview on playlists (before it just showed where the track was on the album)
    *Seems to be more Airplay integration.

    As someone who does presentations, this may make things a little easier.
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    Yep, nothing still. They should aim for Extras on Apple TV by next year. I sill can't believe it doesn't support it yet.
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    Has anyone had a problem updating software on Apple TV (version 2)?

    My upgrade has been processing for at least an hour.
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    Hopefully fixes the bug introduced in the last update where netflix doesn't log viewing times always, its really annoying trying to work out what episode is next.
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    same here, its been in the Step 1 "Prep Update" phase for a good 20min here.
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    It needs an appstore too... as well as more content. I don't understand why Apple has ignored the Apple TV so much, the potential uses for it are endless....
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    If you update iTunes, do you need to update the Apple TV to stream things from your Mac/iTunes library?
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    45 min here too, still updating
  17. ATDistinction, Nov 29, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2012

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    I swear on my life! That adding song to a list of next to be played was an idea I sent to apple about 12 months ago!!! I described it as a live playlist. Because your never in the mood for the same exact song, you should be able to just say I want to listen to that, that, that and.... that. I admit they could have had that idea from somewhere else but, cool if it was me.
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    I'm one of the few folks still using the original Apple TV.

    I just hope the IOS Remote update doesn't kill my functionality - or it will be back to the old point and click.
    Maybe I should just get the new Apple TV, but the old one is still awesome in my book.
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    Doesn't stream home movies from Home Sharing, just tried unless I am missing a setting
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    So how is iTunes Up Next accessed on the Apple TV?
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    Like iTunesDJ?
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    Mike MA

    Is this one of the first harmonization efforts in the design area driven by J.Ive?
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    Anyone figure out whats new, if anything?

    Still no movie audio out via airplay, music only...
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    This has probably been in the works for at least the past year. Doubt we'll see Ives' influence for at least another year. These things have long development times.
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    The thing that annoys me most about this "update" is that it does not show your cloud purchases in with your library.

    Now, in iTunes 11, they are unified. You can also browse all of them unified in the Remote app.

    However, nothing has changed on the ATV. If you want your local iTunes library media, you need to got to Computers, and if you want purchased, you have to go to either TV/Movies section.

    Very annoying.

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