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Apple Updates iTunes to 7.4.2

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Apple has posted iTunes 7.4.2 for Mac and Windows today.

    What’s New in this Version
    iTunes 7.4.2 addresses an issue with creating ringtones using iTunes Plus song purchases and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

    Apple recently introduced 7.4.1 on September 7th. The 7.4.1 update had disabled a workaround that allowed users to create their own ringtones out of any song. No word on whether or not the 7.4.2 update causes any problems with unofficial ringtones.

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    I'd be curious to see if iToner still works.

    Seems they've stepped up the development a few notches, most likely to keep record labels happy for a little while.
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    Let us know what happens to the newest ringtone workaround.
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    Sure does (cause problems). My own ringtones are gone from the Ringtone tab. Tried re-making and importing them, but it won't accept them. Also synced and removed ringtones from the phone.
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    If this fixed a bug creating ringtones with 256k iTunes+ songs they didn't do a very good job because I still can't do it with any John Lennon iTunes+ songs.
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    I can't wait to go throughthe package contents of iTunes after this update.
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    itoner still works for me.
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    Electro Funk

    Does anyone know if this update will erase the notes on my phone?
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    Of course not. It's an iTunes update, not an iPhone update.
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    when I do check for updates, it still says 7.4.1 is the latest?
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    My iTunes still says 7.4.1 is current. That should change soon though. So iToner 1.0.1 is still working but MakeiPhoneRingtone isn't?
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    Electro Funk

    good point :eek:
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    it hopefully addresses some problems that people are complaining about Classics taking forever to be recognized and taking forever to be ejected.

    that, and the fact that people's new iPods are crashing after transferring large chunks of info...

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    Weird...my Lennon songs from iTunes don't work....and less of my old ones seems to work :(

    "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Phish can no longer be made into a Ringtone...but I had already made it one :(
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    Run the normal Software Update.
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    *Crosses fingers for unlikely event that this is to provide compatibility for UK iPhone released tomorrow*
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    does anyone think this update has anything to do with the UK iPhone launch in 11 hours? :D
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    My MakeiPhoneRingtone.app ringtones are gone after updating.

    Oh well :D All iTunes updates are welcome, since its probably the most heavily used app on my system!
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    And...where is it Apple? It's not like you to release a solo update.
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    I do :p
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    We can confirm that iToner continues to work with iTunes 7.4.2. Yay. :)

    I've seen some people state that the various renaming hacks are now broken.
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    The capacity bar for my iPhone in iTunes is no longer specifying the media types. It just says "Other."

    Update: Actually it looks like my music is no longer showing up on the iPhone, even though it's still taking up disk space. When trying to sync, iTunes says the phone is linked to another copy of iTunes. I told it to erase and re-sync, but it's refusing the delete the music now identified as "Other" and tells me there's not enough space to to sync my music library.
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    itoner still works, but the m4a file conversion does not.
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    Ok, can someone tell me how it's "positive" when Apples updates the version of iTunes just to make it harder to make your own ringtone?

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