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Apple Updates Next Week?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 3, 2003.

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    Under comments to an iPod/May 2nd story on Macnn, one anonymous reseller indicates that there will be further updates next week:

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    comm device or tablet maybe. I doubt it is the emac upgrade simply because it would cause a discrepancy in current shipping numbers but not necessarily a new item which seems to be implied by the passage.
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    Macwhispers claims the MiniTablet is still several months away, so the mystery communication device seems (slightly) more likely.

    If accurate, this could be interesting.
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    Its not strange Apple doesn't trust external retailers :rolleyes:
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    I think its going to be an eMac update or something like that. If this is true then Apple would not have told the sellers about a major update or new product like an iTablet.
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    Ya, thank you - no wonder they don't tell them anything before hand, with fools like this opening their big mouths..

    Man.. :(
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    well no wonder apple doesnt tell resellers this, because of IDIOTS like this guy. this is why get the short end of the stick ebcause anything secret they blab it to the first rumors site they can find. this guy is an idiot and makes me mad, i hope apple finds out who said this, these are the people who should be deauthorized.

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    While I'd like this to be a 970, I don't have much (any?) hope for it. My guess would be the keyboard that we got the new photos of.
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    The fact that this is a store talkin (allegedly, could be some kid in college trying to get a laugh), that would imply a hardware or boxed software intro.

    I would bet its the PowerBook 15". MiniTablet hyper crap put out by MacWhispers, a guy who can't even run an investment "company" or even nail obvious iPod HD sizes and regularly pulls rumors out of his rear orifice has no credability whatsoever. Hes right down there with Ryan Meader and MacOSWaitForSomeoneToUpdateSoICanPostTheirInfoAsMyRumors.com and SpyiWalkMac.com (which spawned Jack Campbell and MacWhispers.com).

    My money is on whatever ThinkSecret puts out. They really do have an inside track, somehow. If ThinkSecret said 970 PowerPCs in June, I'd plan on it. If MacWhispers says 970 PowerBooks, I laugh, shake my head and close the window (FireWire/USB cable claims never connected to the iPod notwithstanding).
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    I couldn't help but comment on this.

    I believe we will see a Mini-Tablet later in the year, and I enjoy Macwhispers for its different method of collecting info. Jack Campbell has had some accurate predictions, and I'm willing to bet he's on to something with the mini-tablet (it just sounds like an Apple thing).

    Also, MOSR doesn't post what other people have already said. Other people are far more accurate than that. He just makes stuff up mostly.

    SpyMac is more of a Photoshop site than a rumor one. I enjoy looking around their gallery occassionally.

    Just my thoughts.
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    What has MacWhispers been correct about? The only thing that comes to mind is something to do with the firewire/usb cable. As for the "different" method of collecting info, I'm not sure what in reality it entails, but the only difference I see is that it has been consistently wrong.
  12. mim
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    Well, he's made one major stuff up, and was then wrong on the ipod thing - but hey, I thought the little round buttons were a crock of *****e too (the original iPod design is just CLASSIC, already :) ). He's brought us some pretty juciy info on the 970 mobo's and production schedule, and the redesigned powermac casing. Now time will tell if he's right about these, but we've been getting corroborating rumors from other directions recently that seem to support his stuff. I'm too new to the scene to know, but he seems to have done something in a previous life that's made a lot of people here quite hostile towards him. I have no idea what that is.

    The 'different methods of collecting info' thing seems to mean that he actually emails and talks to his contacts about legit business and gets them to drop info through in their discussions, rather than waiting for people to contact him on the "dirt hotline".

    Not trying to defend him, but he should be given a fair chance. If I'm totally wrong about him, and he's a complete evil pr!ck, then by all means, let us know.

    Anyway, back to topic - I also think that the tablet will happen, but probaby won't be a stand alone computer. I think it will be more like a wireless display (infact the redesign of the display range may be a move towards this for all displays?) - maybe with some limited processing capacity so that it can operate away from the 'mothership'. This makes so much sense. Apple doesn't want people sitting in front of their boxes - that's what the whole wireless/digital hub thing is about. Your mac should be working instead of your tv/stereo/dvd/etc. How many people sit at a workdesk to watch a dvd? That is like, such a microsoft view of the future.

    Anyway, this thing won't be the tablet. We won't be getting anything like that till X10.3 with multiple graphical log-ons. I think it's unlikely to be the phone thing that keeps popping up either, but then Apple has made a huge foray into the music business - why not the communications sector too? They seem game for anything right now.

    my $0.05 AUD's worth.
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    Seems like there's really only one thing for them to do here - update the 15" PowerBook.

    EDIT: Nevermind. It occurs to me that they can't do this. The 17" just started shipping. If the 15" were updated with anything more than Aluminum, Bluetooth and Airport Extreme, then the 17" would need that update as well. Updating the 15" without updating the video card or processor just doesn't seem likely.
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    Of course, the way to determine what products are in line for an update is to use the magic 8-ball, Apple's Hardware Page. Products which are to recieve an update next don't usually appear in the graphic section on the top. Looking at the abscences, we see that both the eMac and the 15" PowerBook are missing, as is the 15" iMac.

    FWIW, I consider an update to the 15" PowerBook unlikely at this time. There's nothing for them to update it with. On the other hand, Apple's not touched the eMac for quite a while, and processor upgrades would help to make Apple's low end more attractive for the coming school buying season. That's not to say 15" updates aren't coming; it's just probably not what this is all about.
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    That doesn't mean much. I bought a PowerBook 550 11 days before it got the Combo drive. Not much of an update, but an update nonetheless.
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    I find it really fascinating how, after months of griping about the 15" PB not being updated to be in line with the 12" and 17", now people are saying that they don't think it's likely to happen yet. Hmm...

    Personally, I've got very mixed feelings about this. If the 15" is updated, I'll probably buy one. That is the update that I'm waiting for, after all. But, as I've observed elsewhere, the longer it goes without being updated, the more likely (I think) that we are to see a 970 in it when it is updated.

    I can wait until the WWDC. I may do so, even if the 15" is updated this week, just to be sure. (I can stand to be under powered for a couple of months...)
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    To be fair, he didn't exactly blab what's going to happen next week. So his mouth isn't all that big...
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    Yes, but on that "refresh" there was an upgrade from Apple, and had more to do with the facts that (a) the combo drive wasn't ready in time for the announcement and (b) stock of the CDRW drive was very thin - so it made sense for them to do an interim upgrade.
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    its big enough to be a problem, if he works there he should be fired on the spot. this guy will get them deauthorized.

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    This is slight OT so I apologize. I just wanted to clear something up - I have nothing against Jack Campbell or MacWhispers. My point was just that I, personally, do not believe they are a credible rumor source. Of course he should be given a fair chance, and I am not even saying that he was given his chance and should be cast aside now. He just threw out A LOT of rumors and pretty much none of them were correct. If he ends up becoming a more solid source in the future, then good for him, but right now, I'm not going to bet on anything he says. As for the 970 stuff, it really has only been supported by other questionable rumor sites (as far as I can recollect).

    With regard to what makes some people so hostile to him, I am pretty sure it is the MacTable fiasco that he was involved in. You can read more about it at http://www.macintouch.com/mactable.html.
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    Well, I'm not familiar with the MacTable fiasco, and your link brought up a 404 error. Some time back Jack posted an explanation that his means of being critical of his sources jumped up dramatically after he posted a few rumors that turned out to be wrong (or something like that). At this point, MacWhispers rates a neutral rating, as does MacRumors. The only rumor site that I have a fair amount of confidence in is ThinkSecret. TS has had a remarkable record, but the also don't publish that much.
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    I'm at least a little dubious. It's a little too easy to say 'I saw it and it had the same specs as the 17"'. I rather doubt that the person 'wearing an Apple polo shirt' would have really shared much information about the tech specs. (For that matter, given Apple's stance on leaks, I'd think that someone using such a machine in public could be in some serious trouble.)

    For the sake of argument, let's say that this was an Apple employee, and the 15"ALBook was actually a prototype 970 based machine. Do you really think he would have even mentioned that fact, when Apple has not officially said that they are going to be using the 970? If he could get in trouble for using such a machine in public (which I'm sure he could), how much more trouble would he get in for disclosing such information?

    Nah, I'm inclined to disbelieve...
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    Also the bit about him drawing a lot of attention with it seems suspicious, surely an apple employee would behave better - unless it's another one of these retailers providing yet another reason for Apple to ditch them....

    and bentmywookie: sorry for the rant. No attack intended.
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