Apple Updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and iOS

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    Apple has released updates for both the iOS and Mac versions of iWork. The iOS versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote have experienced more significant updates, while the Mac versions have been updated mainly to support the iOS changes.

    Updates for the Mac iWork apps are available via the Mac App Store for purchases made via the Store, or via Software Update for customers who originally purchased iWork in a box.

    iOS updates can, as always, be downloaded via the App Store.

    Pages [Mac App Store, iOS App Store]

    Numbers [Mac App Store, iOS App Store]

    Keynote [Mac App Store, iOS App Store]

    Article Link: Apple Updates Pages, Numbers and Keynote for Mac and iOS
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    How about working on and releasing new desktop versions of iPhoto and the rest of the iLife suite??
  4. zin
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    The iWork apps for Mac need a complete overhaul, in my opinion. I think that Microsoft did a great job with the ribbon interface; it really fits well for productivity.
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    Almost 3 years since a REAL update, now only running on life support updates.
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    It's about bloody time.
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    What do you think is missing?
    Sure, Pages uses something like an inspector window instead of ribbons but is that necessarily bad?
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    Different teams work on different things & software software doesn't magically appears out of thin air.
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    Or not! :eek:
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    That's not true. The software fairy said so...
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    Nice, compatibility with Excellent needed lots of fixing.

    However Numbers needs a far more significant update if it is to remain viable. It is just to lacking in programability and as such needs a built in scripting environment.
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    Not entirely sure what you feel needs to be added. If it ain't broke...
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    And then there are those who have used Ribbons for 4 years, and still hate them...
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    triple yay, they have been working loads this year:rolleyes:
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    No dropbox support.
    Not ideal to Apple's integrated approach. but not practical either.
    almost noone does real work in a closed apple environment.
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    Have pages and keynot for iOS but the desktop versions are not very good
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    I bet Mac iWork isn't going to get a significant update until there is complete feature parity with the iOS versions so that iCloud syncing is perfect. Currently iCloud warns you that a duplicate has to be created if you want to open a file when certain features are used that the iOS versions don't support. It is pretty rare recently with Pages but Keynote needs more work.

    That being said, Page, Keynote, and Numbers are some amazingly well done applications on iOS. One of the reasons I could never switch to Android and the abomination that is Google Docs on mobile devices.
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    That's your opinion. The majority of MS Office users hate the ribbon and prefer the pre 2007 UI. Anecdotal evidence is awesome.
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    Looks like a great update to iWork—my favorite software from Apple.
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  21. zin
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    Pages also uses horribly inefficient menus for advanced tools; most of those are readily available (and easily found, I might add) within the ribbon bar in Microsoft Word.

    In addition, Pages lacks real-time previews for changes you make (e.g. in Word you can preview your font real-time in the selector, whereas you have to select the font, which closes the menu, and then re-open the menu to choose another font to try, in Pages). Sure, you could use the Font Book, but the interface for that is really tacky and horribly inefficient way of choosing your desired fonts.

    I must admit though, if you know what you're doing, you can accomplish much better page layout documents in Pages than in Word, in my opinion, but it will take more time due to bad workflows in the application.
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    Great... Another Patch For iWork '09...

    Where the EFF is iWork '13?? Will we be stuck at iWork '09 forever?
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    I much prefer Keynote to PowerPoint (which I use all the time), but Keynote's killer flaw is the inability to access the pasteboard on all 4 sides of the slide. Some complex animations can become difficult/impossible. Was hoping to see this fixed in the next version of Keynote, but I'm starting to lose hope we'll ever see one.

    Please fix this, Apple.
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    This is good news for iWork users but not rally incentive to buy it if you didn't have t already.

    I use office 2011 for Mac because I got it for $10 through a teacher discount. If apple offered iWork for $10 I'd be all over it. It's a great deal for most people looking for a cheaper alternative to office but not for me. Also I just prefer office and wish M$ would release a decent office set for iOS already...
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    I just downloaded Keynote for a class presentation I had to make. I actually think it's one of the best Mac applications I've ever used. I would put it up there with the former Adobe GoLive and Pagemaker with my favorite applications. I suppose using an inspector for most functions is old-fashioned, but I really like it. However, in terms of exporting a recorded presentation to QuickTime video, it was extremely buggy. It wouldn't even open in QuickTime and took a lot of tweaking to get anywhere close to usable. Effects would export from one part of the presentation but the same effect wouldn't in another. And this was being played back in QuickTime on the same computer, not trying to do anything tricky.

    So, I guess all that is to say that it could use some updates, but I hope they don't update it the way they have iMovie and iPhoto which I have found to be less intuitive and useful over time.

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