Apple v. Apple -- result!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mustafa, May 8, 2006.

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    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!:D
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    Damn. this would likly mean Apple Corp is still not on good terms with Apple Computers... which likly means no Beatles music on iTunes

    But still Apple Computers won so its ok
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    April Dancer

    I kinda like it that way. Gives me a little frisson every time I listen to a Beatles track on the Pod :)
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    I'm glad Apple Computer won all I need is the Beatles on iTunes.

    Here's to a new music Tuesday!
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    This would be a good time for Apple Computer to take the high road and make a somehwat generous offer (more generous than NOTHING anyway) to Apple Corps to settle the issue once and for all, with no possibility of any future lawsuits of any kind, and with the Beatles library available on iTMS.
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    it seemed pretty common sensical to me that our apple should win but you never know with these lawyer types! well good news!
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    I think Apple comp should really reach out to Apple corp, get this thing out of the way and make peace somehow, apple comp will very likely more into a area of Apple corp again.
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