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Apple Website Blunder?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mms, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. mms
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    When viewed in Camino, there is a colored border around the pictures of the Airport Express. It doesn't show up in Safari or IE. It is in blue in the screenshot here, but appeared purple later on. What's going on?

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    It shows that these images are links. Blue means you haven't visited it yet (with Camino) and purple means you have visited it already. I don't know why you are seeing this though - my version of Camino doesn't show it. Which version of Camino are you using?
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    It looked broken in Firefox with two pieces. I thought it odd but that's part of the fun of web design--it looks different a lot. :eek:
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    The difference is the way Safari/IE and Firefox handle image borders. When not explicitly supplied (img border="0", for example), Firefox will draw a border. It has since been fixed (if you look at the code, border="0" is now added to the main image tags). It's not a problem with Firefox, I don't think, since I dont think there is a specified way to handle something that is undefined anyway...
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    Hmm...looks like someone forgot to add the border="0" attribute
  6. mms
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    A nightly from a while ago, I think.

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  7. mms
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    Well, it looks like they fixed it now.

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