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Apple Went Back To Think Different!!!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jihad the movie, Aug 12, 2003.

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    Look at the apple page right now! It has a guy tap dancing and it says "think different" in the top right hand corner!!!!

    Justin Schmidt
    You hear it.... First.
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    This may not be so much of "going back" as it is a re-posting of an Apple ad that was run in the past. "The guy" tap dancing is Gregory Hines who passed away last Saturday. At the end of the related article (click on image) it notes that Hines was an avid Mac user and participated in many Apple events. I suppose Apple felt that they have lost an influential supporter and have taken this opportunity to recall Hines through work that they had done together.
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    You are probably right, I didn't recognize him. Sorry about making a bigger deal than I should have.
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    No biggie....

    Apple's advertising campaigns are a subject often tossed around -- especially since they don't do all that much.

    I think if Apple does truly launch another campaign of Think Different ads it would be notable -- I would be just as surprised to see Nike go back to "Just Do It". (And, hey, if this is the start, you'll have called it! ;) )
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    i am happy that apple decided to tribute him like this. very very happy. maybe the will go back to think different, but they probably won't.
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    wow. that's a big change to the page.

    here's to hoping that the page will change again on Monday. ;) :D

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