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Apple Wireless keyboard - Windows compatibility

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacNeXT, Oct 20, 2004.

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    Is the Apple Wireless Keyboard compatible with Windows 2000 or Windows XP?
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    I can't see why it wouldn't be... as long as the computer has Bluetooth. I know my Apple USB keyboard and mouse work fine with Windows.
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    Even if you got it to connect with Bluetooth, keys on a mac keyboard are different than those on a PC. PCs have ALT Buttons, Windows Buttons...compare the two types of keyboards together, they don't match up. That being said, I would recommend either finding a different keyboard or buying a mac, rather than wasting time trying to make mac specific hardware work on a PC.
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    I want to buy the keyboard for an iBook and I also want to use it for my peecee. When using a PC keyboard on the Mac, the Windows button gets the command button doesn't it? Isn't it the same the other way round?

    Something else: I really hate those PC keyboards with all those ugly specific buttons you never use. I have been searching for a functional keyboard for the PC but every one seems to be contaminated with the "if it looks like a spaceship it's good" idea. Just like mice btw. Really, the apple keyboard is the only one I like except for some cherry keyboards which are very expensive.

    I also like the clicky IBM PS/2 keyboards except for the fact that they consume a lot of desk space. Just like the ADB Extended Keyboard II.
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    Pressing the Apple key on a Apple keyboard plugged into a Windows box will not work as the Windows key, Alt and Command (Apple/Windows) are switched around on the two layouts.
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    I am using the apple wireless keyboard on my windows xp fine. I have found that I must using xp sp2 to enable the keyboard, otherwise I have to pair bluetooth pin with my PC every time when I login the windows (after successful pairing each time, it works fine on xp w/o SP2).

    on the other hand, the "Ctrl", "Alt", "Windows" also works fine on Windows.
    The follow is the keys on the apple keyboard:
    "Ctrl" - "Control"
    "Alt" - "option"

    But until this moment, I dont know how to use the four media keys under Windows. Can anyone tell me? thx much!

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