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Apple Working on Fix for Corrupted App Store Downloads [Update: Fixed]

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Earlier today, we noted that Apple's App Store was experiencing issues with corrupted binaries affecting dozens of newly-updated apps over the past few days. While in many cases the corruption is resolved a few hours after an updated app becomes available, TechCrunch reports that Apple has now officially acknowledged the issue in its developer forums and is working on a broader fix.
    Apple is also emailing developers regarding the issue and including contact information for support issues, with one developer who was able to speak to a support representative being told that Apple has a dedicated team working on the issue. More details will be made available as Apple investigates the problems.

    Update: Apple has now issued an official statement to AllThingsD:
    Update 2: Macworld reports that Apple will be removing one-star app reviews given by users as a result of the issue.

    Update 3: As noted by MacStories, Apple has apparently removed all reviews stemming from the corrupted versions of the apps.

    Article Link: Apple Working on Fix for Corrupted App Store Downloads [Update: Fixed]
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    At least it wasn't a Sony Phishing Scam all over again. Lets try and put this in perspetive.
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    Does anyone have any clue what's causing it? Sounds like packets are being dropped unnoticed and breaking the code signing and binary itself.
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    3 to 4 years of perfect operation

    and this is the first hiccup

    only on "some" apps
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    I don't think it is a data hosting problem. If it was, I would think it'd be affecting all apps and not just ones that have been recently updated. I'd imagine the issue lies somewhere between the app approval process and then pushing it live to the AppStore.
  6. NAG
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    Better, but they should do more. Contacting users and notifying them of the issue would be nice.
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    The free version of Angry Birds Space must be affected. Won't launch. Reviews are scathing lol.
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    Dev here and I have noticed it happening with some ios 6 devices. At first my app "Bracket Maker" was not working then I learned it might be tied to the device.

    I had 3 updates come through and the same ios6 user could not get any of them to correctly download and run without crashing.

    I had the user download the update and it crashed on all 3 apps during start up. I had them delete the app and redownload and they got the same thing.

    It could have something to do with the buggy app store on ios6. I will have them delete and redownload through itunes and see what happens.
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    This isn't an iOS 6 problem as far as end user. I'm running iOS 5 and when I updated Instapaper on my iPad last night I had the same issue. Additionally, this seems to be region specific (Instapaper data). Thankfully, I had a backup on my computer and reverted (was able to update late last night without incident, though). This really looks like an Apple server issue and they should let users know that. Devs are getting flooded with 1 star reviews by no fault of their own because of this and those don't go away.
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    I doubt it has anything to do with the "buggy app store on ios6" since it is affecting regular users on iOS 5.

    As devchris mentions above, there is probably something happening in between the app approval and the push to the App Store since the same bundle is being downloaded by iOS 6 and iOS 5 users. My guess is that the binaries are getting corrupted in the packaging process.
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    The Higgs Boson was announced, and due to quarks and being measured it's started to cause the end of the world. Starting with the source of all happiness and love and joy.
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    Yea this is pretty weird and thanks for the heads up on ios5. I dont think its a region specific problem because me and the friend on ios6 both live in phx. we downloaded the updates within mins of eachother.

    Another thing that makes me think it is device related is that all 3 apps I updated dont work on their phone. These 3 apps all work on my phone and a friend from des moines phone.

    I believe all 3 of us downloaded over 3g.
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    Yeah, it's pretty good but not as good as Google's Play Store which never had similar issues.
  14. Mad-B-One, Jul 5, 2012
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    Actually, it is a "Higgs-like particle" with the weight of a Barium atom, previously being innert since it only has mass but does not interact otherwise with our physical and chemical world. Predicted is that 2/3 of all gravity in the universe consists of higgs-like matter. Quarks are way smaller hand are observed when matter decays because some funny physicists put stuff (protons, neutrons, or whatever) in a tube and accellerate it so they they can see it go boom with something going the other way.

    Edit: I realized that wasn't clear: Why "Higgs-like particle?" because they measured different sizes and it could be indeed a whole set of new kind of matter they started to discover. It's very exciting and me as an interrested N00b in the field of Physics, I like to read more about such stuff.
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    Oh come on, bring in the Fandroids now.......Really? Care to elaborate? :rolleyes:
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    Androids get hacked and turn into bots


    not to mention fake "open" google does not publish its search algorithm...

    do no evil

    more like

    can't do anything right...
  17. bit density, Jul 5, 2012
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    This is almost assuredly an automated process issue. Things have to go through an ABCDE process to get all the way to the store. As time goes by and features are added steps can get lost or transposed which can cause an unexpected problem.

    Testing sometimes can't find it because live and test are simply not the same. And identifying the lost or missing step can be difficult because the human knowledge becomes diminished over time and critical documentation may be sketchy or unavailable.

    Expect this more not less as time goes on. This happens in all systems and bureaucracies and trying to prevent it can cause all sorts of problems. Anyone who has worked in a stodgy and scared IT department knows this.
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    Pretty much spot on, my point exactly!:D Google Play is better...what planet are you from? :D:apple:
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    If it were the 90's

    If this were the 90's I'd guess someone uploaded the files to an FTP server in ASCII mode, :D
  20. schmitt, Jul 5, 2012
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    Edited by author.
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    Funny part is, most likely, its the same App the App Store pulled after Kaspersky Labs found that it automatically sent messages and emails to contacts. At least, it sounds like it. It would have used Yahoo Mail for sure...

    Edit: Article here: http://www.macrumors.com/2012/07/05/apple-pulls-russian-sms-spam-app-from-app-store/
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    Really now, thats crazy, but hey, you got a newer iPad :) Thats always a good thing :)
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    Well, obviously you are trying to use misdirection here. Those are totally different problems that have nothing in common with the store corrupting the apps. As we learned today (not really a revelation - just a confirmation), malware can get into App Store just as easily as it can to Play Store. So, let's compare two ecosystems.

    With Apple, you get lucky if the app you like gets approved in a first place. And if it does get approved, then you should pray that App Store does not corrupt it. And if it does not corrupt the app, you should pray that it's not a malware.

    With Android you have just one of these three problems.
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    I realize I'm feeding a troll here, so apologies up front.

    This is the first instance of malware in the app store in over five years. How many apps are in Apple's app store? How many apps are in Google's app store, how long has it been in existence, and how many instances of malware have there been? We're talking an order of magnitude difference here!

    How would one know if they like an app before it's released?

    Yeah, I can see how people would pray for something not to happen that hasn't happened in over five years.

    Again, we're talking about the first occurrence in millions of cases. No need for prayer here.
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    While they are 2 very diff problems your reasoning is a little flawed.

    1. As long as you follow the rules your app will be approved 99% of the time. I will admit apple is pretty controlling about its rules but that is the reason most iphone apps look and work 2x better than google apps.

    2. As for the corruption this is a new thing and lets hope short lived thing. This is nothing compared to the horrible fragmentation that occurs on android. The dl might as well be corrupt tbh.

    3. This is the first case of “malware” I have seen on the app store compared to hearing about quite a few others on android.

    I am no huge Apple fan and while I hate that they never communicate with devs or customers for that matter its impossible to say the google store is better or safer than the itunes app store….

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