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Apple Working on the iWatch, a Bigger iPhone, a Less Expensive iPhone, a Retina iPad Mini, and More

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Rene Ritchie at iMore has shared some insights on Apple's product roadmaps across a number of products. Ritchie is somewhat circumspect in his statements, but reading between the lines, he hints at a number of significant developments that have been rumored previously.

    iMore has been very accurate in recent years, including reporting on the Lightning connector months before it was publicly released, the iPad mini's launch, as well as revealing the iPhone 5's announcement date more than a month ahead of time.

    The full post is worth a read, but Ritchie says that sources "who have provided accurate information in the past" told him that the iWatch project is moving forward, though he has not heard anything regarding feature sets or timelines.

    The iTV project is still in the works, but there is no significant movement on it as the realities of the TV and content markets remain the same. Rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen are accurate, but release "doesn't sound imminent", and its the same story for a less expensive iPhone. It's likely coming, but is a question of timing.

    Finally, Ritchie talks of a redesigned iPad to match the iPad mini's bezel design (mockup pictured above):
    He notes that an iPad mini with Retina Display is on the drawing board, as soon as Apple can figure out how to cram the display into the mini's diminutive case. He also expresses excitement for Apple's software plans in particular, future releases of iOS. He wrote that his sources "sound excited about not just the atoms but the bits as well."

    None of what Ritchie writes reveals anything particularly new or astonishing, but given his extremely accurate track record over the past few years, it's an important look into what Apple could be planning for the rest of 2013.

    Article Link: Apple Working on the iWatch, a Bigger iPhone, a Less Expensive iPhone, a Retina iPad Mini, and More
  2. SteveJobs2.0, Feb 14, 2013
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    Never saw someone make so many pointless and empty predictions before. "New iPhones will come... Eventually!" Yeah, no kidding.

    The real story that needs to be reported is that Apple is basically become a company without focus. They are attempting to grow their customer base in the near term by providing a multitude of products. While it will improve their short-term sales numbers, they will ultimately dilute their brand to nothing other than just another competitor in a sea of many. Apple products used to be trend setting and well targeted, but are now just reduced to following whatever else looks even remotely promising.
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    So why is this front page news then?
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    Because it's news, and on the front page.
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    Hmm, interesting. We'llsee how accurate this is over the coming year.
  6. AngerDanger, Feb 14, 2013
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    Jeez, with all these screen sizes, Apple should just allow users to specify exactly what size they want their iOS devices to be:

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    Basically everything that's been reported thus far and everything obvious, but playing it safe so that even if he is wrong, no one will bash him.

    Now MacRumors reposts it on the front page to give him more pagehits and ad revenue. Bravo.

    For crying out loud this man wears a T-shirt with a rainbow colored logo of his blog under his suit!!
  8. MRU


    Not surprising to anyone other than the masses who believed a retina ipad mini would be launched in March ......

    Your the third post and you felt the need to quote the entire article ?..... :rolleyes:
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    Nothing new in this article really. A thinner and lighter iPad and a Retina iPad mini are a given. They're coming. Bigger/cheaper iPhone is still just rumour in my opinion and I don't they something we're going to see this year. I also don't think we'll see a full TV set from Apple anytime soon, although I know they're getting serious about making one.

    Aside from that, a new Mac Pro, Retina MacBook Air...all things to expect probably.
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    I never understood why the article even has a quote button.
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    I think Apple will leave it a good year or so before making the iPad mini Retina. It would have been a massive insult to early adopters if they'd have brought that out less than 6 months after the first was released. Plus I hear they're having trouble actually acquiring the technology to do it.


    Tis pretty.
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    Timing of the larger iPhone will make a big difference for me personally, and many others I suspect, as to whether they remain with iPhone.
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    IWatch is going to be huge. It's going to do way more than anyone ever expects. You heard it here first.:D
  14. MRU



    Well we already knew AU Optronics reported it wouldn't be ready for manufacture till Q3 2013 and to ship till Q4 2013. But folks still believed they'd update them in March which just made no sense.

    Hopefully this puts it to bed once and for all becuase the ipad forum was becoming excruciatingly tiresome with the should i wait till march posts... :)

    Not too huge I hope.. My wrist isn't that big ;)
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    Well yeah, that's how his track record is so good :D:p

    Here is my "rumor" to add which you can take as fact. Apple will release two iPads this year. A full size one and a mini. On top of that iMac's will get a speed bump. Whoa I'm not done a new version of iOS, along with an iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S will look the same as the five but will add one new hardware feature.
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    His statement about "future releases (plural) of iOS being exciting are interesting to me. I feel like the very *next* version of iOS really needs to be kick ass -- not two or three versions from now.
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    A tablet (or smartphone/iPod Touch) is really ONLY software, to the user. It's just a slab of software--whatever task you are doing at the moment--with a lot of hidden stuff driving it.

    Software indeed is the most exciting, and it sometimes arrives for free on the device you already own! A thinner iPad will be neat, but iOS 7, 8 and beyond interest me even more. (And yes, OS X. I need my trucks!)

    The lack of leaks about iOS 7 is kind of fun, actually. No big supply chains letting stuff leak every which way.
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    Jailbreak, and you got kick ass ..
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    Thanks Captain Obvious.
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    The iTV or whatever it's going to be sounds stupidly pointless, but what about adding an App Store to the Apple TV and BlueTooth game controller support? It's a logical step.
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    I agree that it needs to be great. However, the sense urgency is less because a) it's already great, unmatched in some absolutely vital areas (security, ease of use, ease of full backup/restore, prevention of apps from messing up your device, media and app availability, easy mass delivery of OS updates). And b) because evolution, rather than single big jumps, is actually more the norm for Apple. And it's a useful approach.

    As a popcorn-munching tech-watcher, I enjoy those rare big leaps, and I hope for one every time! As a user, getting the same place in a series of small steps is just as good... maybe better. Evolution doesn't make the same headlines as revolution, but it's just as innovative.
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    Blasphemy!!! Steve would never have allowed this on his watch. ;)
  24. buysp, Feb 14, 2013
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    Maybe this year its iOS software software software! LOL:D
    I hope!
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    You know, if the iWatch comes out, this phrase is going to take on a whole new meaning. Can't wait.

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