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Apple WWDC 2006 Keynote Stream

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Aug 7, 2006.

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    does anyone else have trouble with sound on this stream??

    and for some reason the MR forums are screwed up right now!
  3. hob
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    damnit! i'm already 10 minutes in...

    the performance suddenly chugged up, i checked here... surprise surprise MR posted it...

    nevermind :p

    not noticed either of those!!
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    I'll have to wait until I get home tonight to watch. My computer at work hates quicktime (HP :rolleyes: ).
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    Download version?

    Anyone know how to download instead of stream? It keeps locking up on me!!
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    yeah, i do... that's 'cause there's like 800 billion people trying to watch it. give it several hours.
  7. thl
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    it's indeed difficult to see... anyone knows how to DL?

    And how great is the news about the pricedrops of the ACD, i am just thrilled about it:D :D
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    I am going to wait until tomorrow to watch it because right now the server is all backed up.
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    Steve Jobs looks ill.. I am worried about him.
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    all good on mine.. im watching it right now.. alhtough i know everything that happened already :p
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    About 8 minutes in it gets all choppy for me and then just stops.

    Guess I'll watch it later tonight. :)
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    HAHA... the Im a PC part is great!
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    QuickTime Pro.
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    How nice of you, now can you maybe please tell us who have Pro how to download it?
  16. jsw
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    Yes. I'd be very interested in seeing how his version of Pro allows you to download streams, whereas mine doesn't. :rolleyes:
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    I'd also love to know how to download it to my computer (I've got QT Pro), or a URL to download it from.
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    chacala is obviously mistaken, or a drooler. one of the two.

    pro has no capture features on streaming.

    so far, im in the same boat. i think the stream is accessible in quicktimes cache through the terminal, but i havent bothered trying to get it all to check.
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    It is definately lagging now. I am sure that digg and slashdot are linked to it as well.
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    Yeah, he looks really thin.

    My stream went kaputt after 22 minutes of perfection...wish I'd skipped ahead to the OS X part...
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    Heh, got through thirty minutes before too many people killed my connection :cool:

    I agree that SJ continues to look pretty sickly. Reminded me of Freddie Mercury. Not trying to raise any questions, I'm just saying....
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    He seems to be grooming others to step up as Keynote presenters should he be unable to do them in the future. He's sharing the stage much more than he used to.
  23. Guest


    Phil Schiller is such a bad presenter.

    And yes, you are seeing a transfer of power here - whether Steve is sick only he knows I guess.
  24. ATG
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    Not working at all for me. I just opened it and it hasn't even got past the quicktime logo.
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    This is a stream that can not be downloaded (using normal software, that is...)

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