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Apple-X.net interview

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by arn, May 30, 2003.

  1. arn
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    what the ****. he straight up DISSED macrumors. what a pos. maybe he meant mosr. lets hope he did.
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    It's partly true, MacRumors does collect, discuss and digest rumors from all the other sites. But MacRumors also has its own sources, and produces a synthesis which is more accurate than all the others.

    Besides that... Just in the last few months...

    MacRumors stuck to its guns on the TiPB Superdrive, and was the only one right!

    MacRumors was the only site with the 12" and 17" laptops!

    Go MacRumors!:D
  4. arn
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    heh... looks like sparkey's got my back. :)

    it's true... MacRumors does process all rumors... but it's not entirely a blind process. There is some content editorialization, as well as some original content. I think there is also a lot of value in rumor content from non-traditional rumor sites.

    Sure, there isn't that much added to a ThinkSecret story linked/posted... but I think there is a lot of rumor content out there that does not come through the traditional sites... such as some in the mainstream media (eWeek, LATimes), "non-rumor" sites - such as MacBid, PowerPage etc...

    Basically, there's a ton of info out there... that you'll miss if you focus just on ThinkSecret/MacOSRumors.

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    he's not the only one :) were these comments on the page when you started this thread? (see below)

    what a weird article. spymac didn't mess with him, so he won't mess with them? i don't get it. his perception of the rumor scene is so...angry. what gives?
  6. arn
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    er... no - those comments weren't there... I didn't mean to incite them either.

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    hmm. i wonder who it was...

    do you think this kind of stuff refelcts poorly on the site/community here?
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    people are going to flame....thats basically the way of the net unfortunately. its partially the Apple-X guys fault since he decided to trash talk alot of people. I mean, I have my strong feelings about SpyMac too, but I wouldn't speak for a whole site when expressing them. I guess we just have to remember that he's just 16. :-/
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    I like to think of MacRumors as the hub in the middle, you know what I mean. And there are wires connecting all the other sites, and everyone comes here to see the latest stuff and discuss it, when the news is from other places and yeah. That's what the Mac community is, a hub, right? Actually you're kind of like advertising for them!

    The only reason I ever found out about this place, was because of Apple-X.net having that rumor vote thing, and then I saw Macrumors near the top, so I checked it out.

    I am going to go interview Trent for a minute, one sec.
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    I took it as one person trying to increase members and revenues for his site by declaring "I don't like the other sites, mine is better." I guess that's one way to do it. I never heard of apple-x.net before this thread. I checked it out. No big whoop for me, but I wish him all the best.

    As MetallicPenguin said, I view Macrumors as a hub that collects info from other sites so that we can all discuss them. I don't have the time or energy to check every other rumor site out there.
  11. Wes
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    I had never heard of it, he got my one hit, and trust me, he won't be getting anymore. I am glad Macrumors post other content. I come here to get my rumors and they I go to Spymac to laugh at the 13-year-olds having cuss matches (Don't even have an account). |\/|R 4 L|FE
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    I'm surprised that guy said that about macrumors. :rolleyes:

    anyway...thats one of the reasons I come to macrumors - to see a round-up of all the rumors that are floating around, and anything that sources have told macrumors.
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    I totally forgot about this interview and thread and just stumbled upon it again now. Anyways, I am sorry for what I said about MacRumors in the past, most of the stuff I said about this site was out of jealously originally. I have since put any immature feelings to rest and respect MacRumors for the great job they do.

    I still hate SpyMac though, and I have plenty of reason too. :D


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