iPad mini Apple you tattled on me.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by steve knight, Dec 10, 2012.

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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    My wife wanted a ipad mini as he has trouble carrying the ipad 3. she is blind and the screen was a bit big too she spent a lot of time finding things. the week before everyone had ipad minis in stock so monday a friend bought hers and I went to order one to pick up at the store nope no one had them. Well I was in the doghouse now. Had to order and a two week wait time. got a noticed it shipped friday (sooner then planned) so I figure I would surprise her and it was supposed to get her wed but made it this morning. So I restored it from the icloud backup and what happens? a email goes to her saying a ipad mini accessed her icloud email account.
    I was going to surprise her tonight with it I am not sure she bought the story it must have been a automatic thing cause I just got the shipping notice.
    So the moral of the store folks is be careful and don't restore a new item for that person if they have access to their emails.
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    May 20, 2002
    Dallas, TX USA
    I'm sure she will enjoy it even though the surprise was spoiled. :)
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    Nov 3, 2011
    Thats funny!
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    Nov 12, 2012
    I didn't know it actually stated which device, thought it was just a heads up in case of foul play.
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    yes it said a ipad mini. Now it will be much harder to sneak upgrades.
    I have always had a new computer or whatever setup and if possible I replace her original and see how much time it would take for her to notice. I remember replacing her windows laptop with her first mac mini that was a hoot. or had her first ipod touch all setup and with voiceover on so when she opened the box at Christmas it talked to her (that was her first portable apple item.
    When I get her music for Christmas I have it all on her computer Christmas eve. Nothing like the ability to hide presents unwrapped in plain sight on a shelve.
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    Jun 9, 2011
    Halfway between the Equator and North Pole
    She's a lucky gal to have such a thoughtful husband.
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    Sep 6, 2011
    Or you could change the email address on the account... unless it's a shared email.
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    Oct 26, 2012
    that stinks but I bet she is a happy camper....
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    I think what I will do is log into her me account and add a filter then delete it. even if I deleted the email right away it may get to her phone before I can get rid of it.
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    Jul 12, 2010

    Shes blind?
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    Nov 26, 2011
    X2. I was wondering the same thing
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    Nov 29, 2012
    "Blind" is a pretty generic term for a whole range of visual impairments. She may be able to see only within a narrow range up close and thus be legally blind in the sense that she cannot drive or see distance objects even with correction. Or possibly she can see only in one spot, or off axis.

    Or, who knows, maybe she is completely blind and the ipad has text to voice apps, etc.

    Regardless, the husband sounds like a nice guy, and I hope they both enjoy their new ipad.
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    Yes blind can mean a lot of things. she is legally blind and uses voiceover to get around on a computer. She can see a small spot about as well as anyone she used to be able to read somewhat if the text was just right. but she is a braille reading voiceover using blind person.
    we went over to macs because apple incoperated voiceover in it's products over a addon app for windows. She has a mac mini a iphone and a ipad mini. Though anymore she uses her ipad more then her mac mini safari is easier to get around on the ipad. it is easier to stream autio from pandora and slacker and such. she can send the audio all over the house.
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    May 18, 2011
    corner starbucks
    LOL...that happened to me as well when i registered the wife's new MBA...i didn't catch the email in time so i got the call from her about someone accessing her new computer...:D
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    Nov 4, 2010
    i bought my wife a new ipad mini and did the same, registered her info to it so it was a perfect backup of her old ipad 2(which i sold without her knowing) and she knew she had a new toy by the time she got home becuase of the apple emails
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    I think we need a class action lawsuit against apple for this. :D
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    Feb 19, 2005
    It is a nice gesture all the same.
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    Jul 1, 2010
    One of my work colleagues set up a new iPad for his wife and Apple sent her two emails. I told him I wasn't sure if Apple sent emails or not because I couldn't remember the last time I registered my iPad. Now I know. :)

    On the other hand, I always thought setting up my Christmas electronics was the best part of getting them. I remember when I got my first 386/20 PC and a box copy of Windows 3.1. It took me hours to get it all set up and start messing around with it. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. :D
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    steve knight

    Jan 28, 2009
    when she had to login to messages that sent a popup message on her phone and mac mini. that would would be impossible to intercept.

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