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AppleCare for MacBook Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by TinyHulk, Jan 6, 2009.

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    I have a MacBook (signature) and it's almost 3 years old. I only needed AppleCare because of the cracking.

    Now, because the Air is alu there is no cracking (thank god)

    So my question is.. Is it really worth it?

    I think it is because alot of parts you can't replace yourself so maybe it's a good idea...
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    Get it on eBay for less. It's worth it on a laptop.
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    Yes totally worth it on a notebook. What happens when you get that screen with the lines? or you have two M keys instead of a B key? or it doesn't boot on first power up?

    Things could happen. Nothing is perfect.
    Stuff could happen down the road after the 90 days.

    Screen dies, Battery Dies, iSight doesn't work. etc.etc. look for it online. Or if you buy a MBA from Macmall they have a special where its 189 instead of the 3-something (thats what i did.)
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    Try and get it for about $50 or less on ebay, dont pay the $200 or more Apple charge.
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    $50 would be quite a deal for a macbook applecare. I paid about $130 each for 2 and that was a good price.
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    +1 ^^^ That's a great price for AppleCare. Heck for that kind of money I'll let the AC Techs yell at me...:eek:

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