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AppleCare pack in eBay

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by raghugs, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Hello Everybody

    My bro's Apple Macbook Air warranty was going to be end in few days.
    So, we purchased an AppleCare protection pack off ebay on last Sunday.
    The eBay UK seller had 100% positive rating and offered it for 120 euros.

    And we requested the seller to send the subscription code via email.
    On the same day evening it self, i got the code and was very happy.

    Registered the AppleCare pack for my bro's Apple Macbook Air on the same day.
    I sent an eBay message thanking the seller for ultra fast response.
    Then i got a grave shock via the reply i got from the seller.

    He sent me another different AppleCare Registration code unwittingly.
    Then i figured out something was wrong and i became panic, and written an email asking this seller which code is appropriate for me and asking him whether is he using any Key Generator.

    The seller became vigilant and didn't reply to me and shipped the consignment.

    Then today i checked the Apple Macbook Air warranty status.
    As per the website, it was registered successfully.

    Then only i saw this link http://reviews.ebay.com/FAKE-APPLECARE-APPLE-CARE-A-warning-to-buyers?ugid=10000000011731235

    Now what can i do? i don't think the seller is Genuine, as he appears to be using Key Generators.

    How can i get back my money????
    Please help....
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    Open a Paypal dispute on eBay.
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    There are those on ebay that do this.

    I just bought from a commercial ebay seller AC for my 2010 MBP that registered AOK. They send out the retail, sealed box - Ok it's for the german market but its real. He has long term 100% feedback also AND publishes a business name and address in the UK.

    I verified the business address before purchasing.

    Cannot get safer than that other than Apple direct. There are even stories of sellers opening and selling the code multiple times and resealing with heat wrap and selling the box also... so nothing on ebay is 100%! Buying a registration code only is asking for trouble though, your AC may be declared void if the code gets issued again as no doubt you have read.

    The difficulty is that that may not happen for days/weeks/months by which time it's too late for ebay dispute....

    To decide - can you verify your sellers credentials, address/business name/feedback record over period for Apple Care items??

    If you can't then go for the dispute.
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    What seller was it? Can you post a link? Some of them are legit.
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    Most likely you will get asked to produce a receipt when you try to use the warranty.

    If the receipt is not from a valid reseller, Apple can (and will) invalidate the warranty.

    Now people here have been successfull buying off of ebay...but Apple has also recently stepped up its confirmation activities.

    Spend $189 and buy from an authorized dealer.
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    Hello Guys

    Thank you so much for offering to help me in.

    Opening a claim in Paypal and getting the refund is not my intention.
    I just wants to safe guard my purchase.

    The seller replied to me today and acknowledged the goof up.

    Here is the link to the seller's listing

    The seller appears to be a power seller having 100% positive rating.
    I was not yet able to confirm his address or find any contact number.

    I have sent messages to many of the buyer of that item from this seller asking them the authenticity of this seller and one buyer said that he is a Genuine seller.

    The seller provided me serial number of the item after my request.
    But the seller is refusing to provide me purchase receipt.

    He says he is even ready to ship the box if i pay the shipping charges.
    But what would be the use in getting the box if i won't get the purchase receipt ?

    Moreover i learnt that, the seller can cancel the AppleCare registration using the purchase receipt and can get the refund.

    So, i am really not sure what to do next.
  7. Radiomarko, Dec 6, 2011
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    Yup that's the one I used, checks out Ok with an online address check. No adverse feedback re AC. Assume they will open your pack if requested to mail the reg number.

    I have my paypal receipt and the business details and address, if I ever have a problem I would take the guy to small claims court. As they are boxed items I don't think we need worry.

    PS----- raghugs I can PM you the sellers adddress etc, but you have disabled PM facility in your profile. PM me if you want.
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    when did you purchase the item from him?
    did you get purchase receipt from the seller?
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    About 2 weeks ago.

    The normal automatic paypal receipt by email.
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    So you are also in my boat only albeit with less skeptism and more confidense
    yeah even I surveyed many of his old buyers about his authenticity and all of them responded to me positively.

    moreover the purchase receipt we have is only useful for speaking with eBay seller won't be helpful in proving our purchase with apple.
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    Unlike most of the other sellers he is writing about sending the whole package.

    So you only asked him to send you the code via e-mail and not to send the box?
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    I've contacted this seller before, as this is also the seller I've been considering buying my AppleCare from. Just so you know.. you could've gotten this for £90.00. This person has sold ALOT of AppleCare products, and I went back into their feedback history, and the AppleCare for the Macbook Air has sold for as little as £90.00. It's a tough call on this one, for sure.. seeing as it's being sold for so little, and they have so many positive transactions.. yet, how can they afford to sell it for so cheap? Personally, I don't think saving that amount of money is worth the headache. Better off buying it directly from Apple and then you'll have nothing to worry about. :D
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    I bought from this seller as well. They send you a box, but I asked just for the serial # from the box and registration # to save on shipping.

    Registration went fine, though it took a week.

    I am now in contact with the seller cause I would like to have a scan/photo of the box (just in case). Great communication so far, but haven't managed to receive the scan yet.
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    I would sooner have gone with Amazon or a similar reseller but if all fails PayPal will rescue you.
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    Stellar feedback means nothing in this case. By the time there is a problem your ability to leave comments has passed (45 days).

    Or you discover a problem during the 45 days, get refund but find the listing or purchased has been deleted....so no feedback.

    Again, you may never see an issue until you need service.

    Why risk it...buy from a dealer. They are some selling around 189 shipped USD.


    How will paypal rescue you?

    Even with Paypal there is a time limit on buyer protection.
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    I was told stores and resellers are clearing boxed AC as soon it will be at point of Mac sale & online only, at least in the UK.

    The rear of my box is in German though the contents are multi Euro language, I'm guessing but this looks like clearance shelf stock therefore. Seller has been selling iLife German disc edition for over a year as well as AC... similarly gone online purchase.

    Interesting, but as my glass is always half full it doesnt worry me.
  17. raghugs, Dec 6, 2011
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    People are too optimistic about their purchase in eBay.
    Anybody looked at the link i posted in the first post of this topic?

    Some points to be noted

    1) eBay and Paypal would protect you only for the short time period.
    2) This particular eBay seller is not providing purchase receipt.
    3) Apple requires that very proof of purchase to authorize the purchase when it finds some problems in it.
    4) eBay seller can cancel our AppleCare subscription after certain point of time and get a partial refund without we noticing it.

    I am planning to get a refund from the eBay seller if i am not provided a proof of purchase.
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    So you're planning to use that AppleCare key and get your money back, simply because he didn't give you a document for proof of purchase?
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    Don't worry, i am not cheating him and he won't be a fool.
    Upon processing the refund, eBay seller can cancel the AppleCare Warranty pack using the purchase receipt he has.

    As he is cancelling the AppleCare warranty pack within 30 days registration, he can get a full refund.
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    Not likely.


    He did not get a legitimate product and is asking for a refund. He did not say he was then going to rely on it for warranty. Even if he did, that's his risk and he really does not need be reminded of your morality.
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    I spoke with Apple Customer Support today and verified with them that AppleCare Registration Number and AppleCare Serial Number both i got from eBay seller are linked with my Laptop's Serial Number.

    I have just not received the purchase receipt for the AppleCare Protection Pack.
    I am not sure what should i do now.
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    From past posts....Apple will tell you its ok today and something else later.
    The winner will always be the person with a valid receipt from an approved supplier.
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    Call Apple and have them cancel the eBay AppleCare plan. I wouldn't want that associated with me. Sooner or later someone will purchase that code in a legitimate box and Apple will cancel yours when they prove they have the actual box and proof of purchase.

    Get a refund from eBay ASAP.

    Find an actual boxed copy and register that.
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    I wouldn't even think of buying Applecare on e-bay; there are simply too many scams and fakes.
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    So, i should get proof of purchase from the seller or have to get refund, right?
    Should not settle on anything less than that, right?

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