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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by samdweck, Oct 6, 2002.

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    Okay, that is ridiculous, chargin 149 bucks for extra protection for the comp. if they r so confident, taht should be included. Seniors have trouble paying medicare, and we have trouble with applecare. stevie wonder boy do something!
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    then dont buy it. its for the intelligent consumer who wishes to protect their investment. if you dont plan to keep your computer for more than one year, dont buy applecare. im sure apple doesnt want to hear you complain 2 and a half years after your purchase that something is not working correctly. im not attacking you personally so please do not take it that way. i just find that for each of their prices (149, 249, and 349) it is well worth it. its in apples best interest to offer applecare the way they do. my ONLY complaint is the hour os phone support... its not 24/7. whats up with that?! id even be happy with just seven days a week... five stinks.
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    i bought the applecare. best thing i ever did. since buying it apple has replaced my HD, motherboard, and Processor card.

    add up the potential cost. it's worth it.
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    Re: AppleCare Protection Plan

    its not a bad deal if you don't have a utility yet, as it comes with tech tool deluxe which is an adequate if not great utility. And for newbies, its good because I think it includes additional phone support.

    But extended warranties in general are one of the biggest ways to scam customers ever. its done by all electronics vendors. It costs them almost nothing and brings in more revenue. Welcome to the wonderful world of business.
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    Trust me, if I had the money, I would definetly buy it, but since I don't, I can't! That's the thing... I agree it's necessary, but it's expensive and I wish they'd just include it with the computer!
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    Re: AppleCare Protection Plan

    Sam...I work for Apple (specificly AppleCare) and when I am talking to any of my customers about AppleCare I let them know that this is more like an insurance policy than anything else. When you look at what is provided by AppleCare you have to admit that it is a GREAT price. Total of 3 years telephone support as well as 3 years of parts and labor for the hardware. Even if you never have a HW issue durring the 3 years, all it will take is 3...count them 3 phone calls after your 90 days phone support and you have now paid for the Applecare. Do you think you will call in for phone support more than 3 times in a 2 year 9 month period? Do we do this to gouge our customers? not a chance! is this something I have on my OWN IBOOK? YES and I have it because if anything happens on the hardware side I want to be able to set it up for service. Obviously I don't need the phone support since that is what I do all day BUT there is always that possibility of something going wrong on the hardware. ANY computer can have a hardware failure since that is the nature of electronics...just like you can have a car that has problems and you got it new off the lot. Does it happen? yes...does it happen alot? nope. Just my 2c here...oh and Sam you have a year to purchase AppleCare so if you put a little away each month it doesn't hurt as much
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    Are you serious? Is this your system:

    iMac G4 800 mHZ
    512 MB RAM
    15" Flat-Panel LCD
    Jaguar 10.2.2

    ...almost $2000 worth of goods and you don't have an extra $150?? You're either cheap or bad with money. I don't think you can blame Apple for that.

    PS: I got AppleCare with my PowerMac G4. They replaced my HD after it failed late one night.

    Cost of AppleCare: $249
    Cost of Repair: $380
    -you do the math-
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    Re: Re: AppleCare Protection Plan

    Okay, the way I look at it is, firstoff, you are saying that the $50 a phone call times three phone calls makes up for the plan... but isn't $50 a call outrageous? You make it sound justified! I see where you need to get paid, but that is a lot of money! Also, I do see the hardware part of it, but you know, there is a good chance that nothing bad will ever happen. Plus, you have applecare on ur ibook, and I am sure you get a staff discount or it's a benefit of working for apple. I might consider the plan, but first I need $149.. is that for three full years?
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    :eek: What HDD did you have that cost $380??? Was the HD the only thing that got fixed/replaced?

    When my HDD failed (on my PC not my G4) I RMA'd it to Maxtor and got a replacement for free...

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    I took my machine to the AppleStore, Palo Alto. Everyone knows that there are cheaper places to get your Mac fixed, but I'm on AppleCare.

    Cost of new HD: $300
    Cost of "labor": $80
    Getting your Mac fixed in 5 hours without having to go through the hassle of mailing in your old drive, talking to Maxtor, waiting for the new one to arrive and all that crap: PRICELESS
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    okay, firstly the comp was a present for my thirteenth bday from my grandfather, and no i dont' have 149 bucks! i might ask for the plan from my parents for the holidays, but as you no, most people are pretty tight on money these days! we are not doing too bad, but that's a pretty expensive hannukkah present to ask for!
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    Re: Re: Re: AppleCare Protection Plan

    Actually it is $49/issue and is that outrageous? I don't think so...check what it costs to talk to other computer and sw companies and see what you get. Yeah there are some that don't charge anything but you also get what you pay for so if you are not paying anything, don't expect to get good support. As for my cost of the applecare, it wasn't that big of a discount and for the iBook it is $249. Now as for the hardware not having a are may NEVER have a problem but if you do which would you rather $149 now or several hundred later? Just imagine if your display goes out in 2 years 11 months from when you purchased it...if you have AppleCare it is covered..if not you are going to pay through the nose to have that display replaced so just consider it insurance you hope you never have to use but are glad that you have it.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: AppleCare Protection Plan

    fine, i think i will buy it, but i have to wait to ask my parents, b/c it's their money not mine.. now how many years do i get on $149?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: AppleCare Protection Plan

    one thing, i am as specific and official about things as you are, but you don't need to tell me it's 49, the extra dollar is not a great discount! wow: 2%! yikes! (not to be mean, but really!)
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    Maxtor RMA: Call in a dead drive, give CC# and they'll ship you a new drive that day (3 days later you have it). Mail back old drive in the box the new drive arrived in and yer good to go. Longest phone time I've had w/Maxtor was 10-15min total (dial-to-hang up)


    Buy a new HDD (80gig for $100-$140 depending on where you shop) and install it yerself. Computer back up and running inside of an hour (depending on traffic of course' ;)).

    But for an iMac (which is more like a lappie in terms of opening it up and fixing/replacing things) it might be worth it (and if I got a laptop I'd buy it 'cause they are way more expensive to fix than a tower and they are subject to more of a beating).

    I don't have anything against Applecare, but it's not right for everyone and using it to judge another user as an "intelligent consumer" or not is just dumb and presumptuous.

    Some people enjoy fixing their own cars, and that also saves them money. Others enjoy fixing their own computers, and saving money that way. And some people, as surprising as this might sound, don't have the extra $$$ to afford the luxury of Applecare.


    EDIT: I forgot, Maxtor will over night the drive to you if you ask. Don't know how much it is though.
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    amen to that.. and i think that you are very smart to put the money in perspective!
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    Agreed. I was simply answering the question. AppleCare is worth the $$ in my opinion. My time is valuable, and as much as I love tinkering - I've got better things to do.
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    well as for tinkering, i know how to fix little stuff, but i guess i could use applecare for the big stuff!
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    I guess I'm just cheap, lucky and have fewer friends, thus more time to work on my computer, than you do :D ;)

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    same here- its' a good point, you have to have the time to deal with all of the crap that could potentially happen i guess! i have lots of time on my hands (if you couldn't tell lol)
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    The only things I worry 'bout blowin' on my G4 tower is the mobo and the proc's 'cause I know Apple is gonna charge thru the nose for those (those goes into the "reasons why I like my homebuilt PC" column). Everything else can be replaced third party. And since a nasty power is what will probably kill my mobo and/or proc's I've got my G4 (as well as all my other electronics) plugged into some quality APC surge protectors.

    Like I mentioned before, for an iMac or laptop I'd seriously consider AppleCare since almost all of those parts are nonstandard and would be very expensive to replace if something happend. Just save up some $$$ and buy AppleCare before yer 1 year of hardware support runs out.

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    Well, I do have five months, for 149 dollars, that's about 30 dollars per month, 75% of my income from my allowance!
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    With Apple you can't send back you HD to the company who made it. Apple pays a lower price for their products so Seagate, Maxtor or whatever company doesnt have to deal with your broken hard drive. Just thought you guys would want to know that.

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    that pisses me off alot! peopel being cheap again! bah humbug! capitalism, you can love it or hate it or both!
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    Hmmm... have a garage sale? ;)

    Thanx for the post iJon. I was wondering if you could RMA the HDD that comes w/yer Mac. Since you can't I'd just buy a new one that you could if need be. :p


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