AppleCare Representatives Receiving Prerelease Builds of iTunes 11 Ahead of Public Launch

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 29, 2012.

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    With Apple said to be launching its revamped iTunes 11 "as soon as" today as the company rushes to meet its already-postponed goal of a November release, 9to5Mac reports that AppleCare support representatives are currently being seeded with prerelease versions of the new software.
    The new iTunes brings a substantial overhaul, including a revamped player, a redesigned store based on the layout currently seen in on iOS devices, and new iCloud features for streaming media and syncing progress.

    Article Link: AppleCare Representatives Receiving Prerelease Builds of iTunes 11 Ahead of Public Launch
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    Oh come on, out with it already
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    ...and now the influx of people asking for a leaked copy.
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    "Coming in December"
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    Good. They need someone to test their products before they're released.
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    It has to come out today or tomorrow, or they are "lying"

    That said, I would rather have a polished version of iTunes, and not have it come with the bloat and slowness that the current iTunes has.
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    Being a programmer, I hate seeing software getting rushed out. But I am excited for the new iTunes! Hoping all the major bugs have gotten squashed.
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    Seeing as how they haven't postponed it again already, I'd imagine it's pretty much good to go. There are only two days left in November anyway, including today.
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    On my Windows 7 PC, it take about 30 seconds for iTunes to load. Has to be one of the worse pieces of software Apple has ever built. I'm crossing my fingers on this "overhaul".
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    so its coming today, tomorrow, or getting delayed to december? if apple care people got it today doesnt it usually take at least a week or two for the public to get it to make sure there are no problems?!
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    So in other words, we're not getting it today.

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    Well, duuuuuh... I would hope that customer support representatives get it first... and not just 5 minutes before the public...
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    gimme gimme gimme
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    It will be released tomorrow. I called Apple and they told be that.
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    I'm assuming this loading speed has something to do with the whole "Windows 7 PC" thing. My Mac loads iTunes just fine.
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    If AppleCare is just getting it then they have to be trained, which means there is no way it's being released today.
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    in other words. Not out today.
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    No, Apple doesn't know how to make good PC software. Or they just don't care.
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    Yeah, on my Mac, load time is fine. I have 2 Window machines at home and the load times on each for iTunes is horrible.
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    Takes me all of 5 seconds in bootcamp. Maybe its time to run a TRIM check on your HDD and see if its dying?
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    iTunes is bloatware on Windows. It's fine on OS X (but the UI is clunky). That's also been my experience with the software.
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    3 seconds on mine, well I have an SSD.
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    Exactly! Been like this forever on PCs.
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    Same. My Mac loads iTunes from fresh in the first bounce of the dock icon, so about a second.

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