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Applecare timing?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iluvifone, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I wanna buy a Macbook Air in the next few weeks, but don't really have the extra few hundred for applecare. I'm just checking to make sure that I'll still be able to add the additional 2 years of applecare (after the standard 1 year warranty thats included) within 1 year of the purchase, correct? So basically, I have exactly 1 year from the date of purchasing my macbook, to buy and register the extended applecare?

    the apple store sells it for $250, but i've found some that are 50$ cheaper on ebay, so I think i'll just buy one of those next summer.
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    Be very very very careful about buying Applecare on eBay. There are numerous threads about people who have been burned. Amazon usually has Applecare at a decent discount.

    You have one year from date of purchase, but don't wait till the last minute.
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    Thanks for the advice :) I was planning to do more research regarding ebay anyway, I'm very careful on there.

    And I won't wait till the last minute. Just 7 or 8 months, till i have more cash flow :)
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    Also you can find it on discount at B&H Photo. Much safer than eBay.
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    eBay's safe enough if you pay by Paypal.
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    Not true, lots of stories of warranties not honored by Apple well after the 45 or 60 days Paypal gives you to dispute
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    That's interesting. I was actually planning on picking one up from eBay. Thanks for the tip, I guess I'll just get one from Amazon after all :)
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    Actually from what I've heard, some people actually had to proof that they were a student.
    So you might want to be careful with that.
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    Interestingly enough, I got my Macbook Air with the education discount, as a high school student, having only taken one day's worth of community college classes.

    It all depends on the sales clerk that you get, I'd say.

    Anyways, it seems as OP wants to buy it online ... I think. I'd definitely go with Amazon or B&H for this approach.
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    In my personal experience the sales clerks are very happy to give out discounts. My brother bought an iMac using my student discount (after I'd just bought mine), and it was the sales clerk who actually suggested it (knowing I had used my discount before), not the other way around.
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    Looks like he was in the need of getting his monthly quota.
    Guess that was your brother's luck :)
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    Please point me in the direction of some of them.
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    The link I gave was for the online Apple Store. There's no place to provide proof online, even if you have it.
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    My family just ordered a refurb for me from the Apple Store, it comes with a 1 yr warranty, can I add the extra Applecare Warranty later?
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    Yes you can ...
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    Google eBay AppleCare not valid, you'll see tons of stories ... you're welcome

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