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AppleCare vs MacMall's ServiceNet 2012

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JetSurly, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I have read numerous threads about this but nothing comparing the apple care warranty and macmalls service net warranties in relation to laptops.

    What do people prefer? Is buying from macmall and getting the service net warranty worth it? I mean, the accidental damage coverage sounds pretty good. Applecare does not cover accidental damage, which...you never will happen. Before i invest 2k in a laptop, just curious as to what people think of the Servicenet option, experience, etc.

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    Why you dont buy from b&h? They have a special discount and you can get apple care for 95.... I think is a pretty good deal, AND parallels for free...
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    I am most curious about the "accidental damage" coverage. You never know when your laptop will fall out of your lap of when your dog jumps up and cracks the screen. Its happened :(
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    I cant talk about you country, but in my country all this things are bs, they always have something to charge you in case of accident... As i said, dont know how it will work in there... But, 95 for apple care is just great, a really cheap price :)

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