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Apple's 5th Avenue New York Apple Store Unveiling

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 18, 2006.

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    IFOAppleStore reports on the unveiling of the large Cube marking the new 5th Avenue Apple Store.

    The grand opening of the 5th Avenue Apple Store is scheduled for May 19th at 6pm (countdown). The 20,000 square feet of underground retail space is marked with a stylish metal and glass cube above ground.

    IFOAppleStore also posted a movie and a set of photos documenting the unveiling.

    Apple will be hosting an event/walkthrough on Thursday, May 18th at 10am EST to select members of the press.

    The WSJ reports that Steve Jobs was involved in many of the details of the massive retail store:

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    The whole peeling process must have taken forever at that pace. It's looking good, though.
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    looks nice, Apple Style :D
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    It looks fantastic. I cannot wait to visit NYC again now! Just need to find the cash to travel from UK. TeeHee
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    Considering the Cude, it would have been nice if the logo was actually a 3-D rounded Apple :)

    But it does look good.
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    releases the new ipod at the same time! damn how awesome would that be though? what bigger apple than apple's popular ipod in the big apple. :confused:

    good to see the NY thing. although "think inside the box" is the stupidest thing ever. "think different" was so badass. now they have to resort to this? "think inside a cube" or something better. "think outside the box but this store'll blow your mind." "who knew thinking in the box was this cool"

    i just want a new sloganing scheme to keep align with "think different" and staying different! now it just contradicts itself.
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    Can those who voted negative please explain their thought process in voting that way please? Its only a news announcement about peeling plastic off some glass for goodness sake!!!!!:confused:
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    Where does the shop go?
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    Underground. Theres a 20,000 square feet store underneath - that 'cube' is just an enterance.
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    i just dont know what to say to this, it is a sarcastic play on words, even though it is saying think inside the box it really means "we think outside the box".

    It also has the connotations that their products give the freedom to think and create rather than the mind numbing tedium of the windows world.
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    Comparison with the Louvre pyramid is interesting. Conspiracies about Da Vinci, Opus Dei, the forbidden fruit etc are sure to follow. :D
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    That is the most wicked design I have ever seen.:D

    LOL. The forbidden fruit. I like it! :D
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    I was only asking for their reasons for voting negative which isn't too much to ask is it?
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    I didn't mean to laugh at you, i was laughing that people were actually voting negative about some peeling plastic off some glass.
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    Thats OK, I too was confused over the negative voting
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    Nice Apple. :)
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    The voting should be removed from the site IMO. It serves no purpose other than the occasional, who the hell would vote this as negative posts.
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    Except that it's not occasional as it happens in almost every thread.
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    It'll be a first stop for me as and when I visit NYC
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    From AppleInsider..


    Live music performance at 5th Ave store opening?

    Will Apple surprise fans who show up for the 5th Ave. flagship retail store opening with a live music performance? The editors of Curbed seem to think so.

    The New York City real estate publication has published a "rumor" from an unnamed tipster who claims that Apple has requested a street (presumably 58th or 59th) in Manhattan be closed for the "performance of a major live band" this Friday evening.

    can anyone get there to get some pics? :)
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    What an absolutely fantastic structure! I'm so impressed, I have to go and see that. Just breathtaking.

    *wonders if it has integrated graphics*
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    Was just about to say the same.

    The rating system should be removed as it is clearly being abused.
    An opinion is fair enough but it's obvious that people just vote negative to annoy people.

    It's like this, "Hey, I'm making more of a difference to the figures if I vote negative"

    Just like on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire when you get a couple of people who vote for the obviously wrong answer on "ask the audience" so they 'show up' on TV.
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    Are there only one or two entrances to the store? I cannot tell with the photos - if there is only one entrance and if the AS is so popular I don't know how they'd deal with the crowds trying to get inside (think of the Paris Louvre there's always a queque lining outside pyramid)?

    Though this is supposed to be Apple's flagship NYC store - I'm surprised they didn't install escalators going down which would keep crowd movement flowing like some subway entrances...
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    they should build one here in portland oregon.

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