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Apple's Annual Shareholder Meeting Notes

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Apple today held its annual shareholder meeting. While Apple kept to its policy of not discussing upcoming products, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs reportedly replied "we hear you" when one shareholder requested that the company make the "ultimate media center," including personal video recorder functionality.

    The exact circumstances of the quote are unclear at this point, with conflicting reports from Macworld and Think Secret. Think Secret specifies that the shareholder was speaking in regards to Microsoft's Media Center.

    Jobs also mentioned a new TV ad campaign to launch next week, although the campaign's topic (iPod, Mac, etc.) was not specified.

    Of final note, former president of the Sierra Club Larry Fahn questioned Apple on its environmental sensitivity.

    Quote from Macworld
    Update: CNet adds that Apple's upcoming ad campaign will be geared towards promoting the Mac.
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    sounds like good news to me. bring on the PVR :)
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    finally, we could give up waiting for tivotogo.
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    PVR please!
    Media center where itunes, iphoto, movies, videos and PVR all live together.
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    Media Center

    Make the ultimate media center?

    "We hear you loud and clear!" -- Jobs

    Can't wait for that. Bring it!
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    PVR, Mac commercials, and Hints, oh my!

    P.S. What are PVR's?
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    Must be the Macbook for consumers and or home media centre :D
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    i sure hope so
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    DVRs or Tivo like device.
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    oh, snap. Sounds like Jobs pwned that dude. "Like, check your numbers before you blast me."

    I think the recycling program is a great move by Apple... why are people so quick to point out yet unseen faults?
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    "Everyone wants a MacBook Pro because they are so bitchin"

    Thats what MacWorld said Jobs said!

    Also “We only have one CRT product left and that’s the eMac,” Jobs noted. “We could be sitting here next year with none.”

    Seems like Jobs is not letting the eMac stay around as is... come on LCD eMac
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    Gotta love people (like Jobs) who know other people's stuff better than the other people do. Just goes to show how really on top of things most special interest orgs are. They use any audience to trumpet the current cause, even if they just trumpetted the opposite not too long ago.
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    Pabst Violet Ribbon?

    (ok, that was a bad pun...)

    So "We hear you loud and clear" = "It's in testing now and will be released to manufacturing in two weeks"??? We've come a long way from Jobs' original denial and derision.
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    Is'nt that the 17" iMac. I don't see what else they could make for a LCD eMac, smaller hard-drive & no wireless maybe?
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    I like what Phil Schiller added:

    "I think there are a lot of PCs that should be recycled...”
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    IT would need wireless
    but slower Specs(Core Solo, 80Gb hardrive, no iSight ,15'' Screen) and the sexy iMac G4 look
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    Why was I not invited?

    I am an Apple shareholder and this is the first I am hearing of this meeting.
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    Doctor Q

    Staff Member

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    I'm sure the ads will be for iPod wallets and Hi-Fi. Now we know why they haven't had a TV campaign for these products before now. Get ready!!

    And regarding environmental protests: these challenges to Apple have clearly resulted in changes for the better--so I say, keep them up! As long as Apple COULD do better, I'm glad there are people pushing for it to happen.
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    Why didn't SJ mention Front Row when he replied 'loud and clear'? If they allowed Front Row to be extended so EyeTV could be part of the picture that would be cool...

    As for the TV ads - to maximise the value of the campaign I'd be guessing they will be advertising MacBooks - and highlighting that all consumer Macs are now Intel!

    Should be a good week!
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    new ad campaign? this is almost as exciting as a "media event".

    actually, i'm hoping it's MORE exciting than a media event. :cool:
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    Yayy!!!!!!!!!! :d
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    I hope the new ad campaign copies something really cool!
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    A PVR would be a good option for any macs, but i doubt it will ever happen.

    If Apple makes a PVR, then it will kill off the iTunes TV show purchases....just doesn't make sense for them to make it.
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    Think about it..The option to buy TV shows is only in America - I read an article I think it was on macbytes.com from an Australian news paper that said it will be a long long time before it happened in OZ- Channel 7, 10 and especially 9 have a hold on the market. So I don't really think that Apple can expand the TV market - maybe to the UK ???

    PVR would bring the option to record TV to every mac user around the world and offer one more reason to move from a PC.

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