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Apple's dancing dudes on CNet

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by srobert, Oct 21, 2003.

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    I've seen those two ads on Cnet. Don't you think they look a little... disturbing? Especially the purple one. :)

    [ Admin Edit: Link to the Ads ]
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    Do you have some links that work?

    [edit - Gotcha. Yeah, a little odd looking.]
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    The green one is the best. The purple one is just... wrong.
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    Phil Of Mac

    Targeted advertising at its best!
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    there are two purple ones and they're both wrong...

    The pink one is good

    The yellow one is embarrassing... Whoever that guy is needs a swift kick in the rear.
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    Don't you dare mock the yellow dude! :)
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    looks kind of tacky in my opinion.
    still pictures would've looked a bit more elegant. but weird jerky animation does catch the eye.
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    is the guy on the purple one doing a "z-snap"? They should have added a few more frames to these ;)

  9. mvc
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    Air guitar has its place - just not my place! :D
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    I don't like them... And they are trying to convert people who are getting all their music for free to start paying Apple money for music. Most of the people probally don't like apple that much, knowing most PC users and why would they willingly start paying money for songs if they can just as easliy get all their music for free?

    Once some laws are passed that restrict P2P clients or more lawsuits are made I don't see a big switch from non-paying music downloading to pay dowloading.
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    heh, yeah these are a bit freaky looking. idk personally the animation might catch my eye quicker than a still shot, but id probably be less likely to actually click the link once i noticed the animated one. :rolleyes: ...good thing i dont have to make that decision :D
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    Well, actually, if you've been paying attention to the reactions, they're quite healthy. Aside from some initial problems with installing iTunes.. there's alot of "I love iTunes!!!"

    Needlesstosay, alot of PC users are actually starting to "notice" Apple for the first time, and they're impressed with what they see.
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    so, what, you'd prefer they didn't advertise at all? there is a certain portion of file traders very scared of lawsuits, and whether that fear is justified or not (it's not), Apple can still take advantage of it. granted a lot of people won't switch to paying, but one day they might, and it's important to establish iTunes as the industry leader now, while the industry is still in it's formative stage.

    this is apple's first serious banner campaign in years... very nice, imho.

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    Whatever happened to the blue background. It was one of the first 5 that appeared when this whole silhouette motif came out weeks ago. But it has been absent from all Apple advertising since then.

    I liked blue. :(
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    Phil Of Mac

    I'm blue, da-boo-dee-da-boo-da....
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    I am disappointed that they are animated. I expect that will turn off a lot of people.

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    iTMS is giving lots of Window$ users their first taste of sweet, sweet Apple candy -- if they don't have an iPod, that is...
  18. dho
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    IMHO stills would have been much better

    Good idea though
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    they're not weired they're just bad
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    as far as i know, the only blue add was one that someone made out of an exhausting add, i think it was for a desktop background type image. i remember people talking about wanting a blue version of one of these adds when this campaign first started, so thats probably what you saw. :p
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    Apple made it. It is definitely real. :(
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    Maybe they figured Windows users would respond better to the animated ads than mac users would. Notice the ad on the Apple homepage *isn't* animated. ;)
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    For those who say these are tacky... remember who they are targeted at... teenagers and twenty-somethings who are downloading KAZAA!

    Anyone who uses KAZAA is tacky by association and can almost be gauranteed to be a Britney or Boy Band fan. These are perfect for that audience.. the ADHD generation. Jerky bright colored ads are what these kids grew up on, they may not understand anything else.
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    Ads are ok.

    I like the purple one just as much as the others. Come on - they're not that bad. I think they're just fine.
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    I kinda wonder how effective these ads will be. I am one to believe that those who download music off Kazaa wouldn't buy it if they could get it for free.

    I for one wouldn't buy a lot of music because I couldn't afford it, maybe that is the same for people that use Kazaa.

    Of course downloading music off Kazaa has become a pain with lots of fakes uploaded by the RIAA. Maybe people will turn to iTunes out of frustration.

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