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Apple's Eddy Cue Spotted Celebrating Miami Heat's NBA Championship Win

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King today posted a picture of Miami Heat player Shane Battier with Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue and his son Spencer following the Heat's championship win last night over the San Antonio Spurs.

    From L to R: Spencer Cue, Duke Senior Associate Athletic Director Mike Cragg, Miami Heat player Shane Battier, Eddy Cue
    Battier played basketball at Duke before joining the NBA and Eddy Cue is a huge Duke basketball fan. Cue has posted a number of pictures of himself at Duke athletic events on his Facebook page. Cue earned his bachelors degree in Computer Science and Economics from Duke and his son Spencer is attending the school, while his son Adam graduated recently and is working on the popular email app Mailbox which was recently purchased Dropbox.

    A Duke student group recently wrote of visiting Cue at his office at Apple's Results Way campus in Cupertino, saying it was decorated with Duke memorabilia:
    Article Link: Apple's Eddy Cue Spotted Celebrating Miami Heat's NBA Championship Win
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    Life at the top. Enjoy it while you can :)
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    MacRumors: New and rumors that you hardly care about.
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    Good for him but I hate the Heat, well more LeBron James really so boooooo!!!!
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    F Duke
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    it's like macrumors tabloids!
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    WTF? First Woz visits Kim and Kanye with baby North West, and now this?

    I feel my faith in Apple waning
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    STiNG Operation

    Hey, I would take full advantage if I was living like that too.:p

    If you just glance at Shane's arm it looks like it's all the way around the two guys to his right.
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    Woow so witty :rolleyes:
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    News Today: Apple Employees have lives.
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    So what does this mean? Has Cue finished working on Siri, iCloud, and Maps? Is iTunes Radio going as planned? He went to celebrate the NBA Championship, which means we could see a live NBA app included on every iPhone and iPad, and dubbed 'iNBA' or 'iTunes NBA', and Cue is having negotiations to grab the rights for live NBA on iOS. It will be US-only for the time being. He may have went there to show off a prototype 5-inch iPhone to Shane to see how it would feel for people with bigger hands. Cue going to the championship is truly one of the most important rumors of 2013.

    Now THIS is how I would deliver MacRumors news :p
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    Do I need to be reading this? I'm sure this isn't an Apple rumour, correct me if I'm wrong!
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    But really, is this macrumors newsworthy?
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    Back-to-Back Champs!!!!!
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    Maybe we'll see him in Boston or Chicago on Monday or Wednesday hoisting the Stanley Cup. :)
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    Well said. And that seems to be the case of recent.
    It's not all bad, but there the occasional "why in hell is this even an article" moments. Apart from that, it's ok.
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    I hope you're joking... you can't be seriously implying that either of these things have anything to do whatsoever with the operations of Apple as a company.
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    If you don't want to read it then don't.
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    Woooo!!! Sore losers and haters!!! I like Eddy Cue even more now after see this picture! I'm happy the heat won, I just hate all the people that go outside with their pots and pans.... it's so embarrassing to be from Miami sometimes :/
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    Strange article. Who cares?
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    I'm disappointed. I thought Eddy was a Mavericks fan.#
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    Grow up. What did they do to you? I never understood angry sports fans.

    PS, it's a school, not just a basketball team.
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    Witty! Eddy is by all accounts is very savvy and astute businessman, apparently without the big ego that so often goes along with that, and he's responsible for some of APPLE's better moves lately. Good to see him have a life outside of APPLE as well.

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