Apple's iPad Case has stained my iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Errk!, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Not a huge deal but it's kind of ugly - there is some kind of stain or discoloration on the iPad where the flap holder touches it on the inside back. I checked 2 other iPads that use an Apple Case and they don't have the problem although there's isn't quite as old as mine (3G launch date). I don't keep it in the heat or sun, and I do remove it occasionally (prob. at least once a day).

    Is this a Case issue, an iPad issue, or what? Anyone else notice this?
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    Are you using those dumb back protector films?

    Every picture I have seen of this stain is using a film of some sort on the back of their iPad.
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    Are you useing your ipad alot that it heats up a bit ?? also I have had this problem with a few ebay iphone cases i am able to get the stain off with nail polish remover and dont use those cases again
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    Nope - don't have one on now and never have.

    No - that's one thing I've loved about the iPad is that unlike every iPhone I've had it never seems to get hot or even warm to the touch.

    So nail polish remover is safe to use on the back of this?

    I'm calling it a stain but it's not like it's staining the color of the case, and it's not extremely noticeable. It's more like a weird discoloration in the shape of the inside of the case where that flap is.
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    I have the Apple ipad case and it hasn't discolored the back of mine. Probably just got unlucky with yours :(
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    I got a wifi on 4/9 and the 3G on launch date. Both have been in an Apple case with no stain or discoloration. Sounds like there is some problem specific to your case.
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    Does it look like Jesus? Or Elvis?
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    Did it get a little damp?
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    While my Apple case hasn't discolored my iPad, if I'm in the right light I can see the outline of the latch on my iPad. Other than the Apple case, my iPad is completely nude and spends 24/7 in climate controlled coolness.
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    Mine is more than an outline but yeah, sounds pretty similar. It's a big latch-sized rectangle on the back. I haven't tried anything to remove it so I don't know how permanent it is.
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    Clix Pix

    No problems here....I have both the WiFi and the 3G. I do not keep the Apple case on either of them for an extended period of time, home both are usually naked.......
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    Pics? So far I've only seen this mentioned in relation to the stick-on things.

    My iPad has been in it's Apple case 99% of the time since launch day, and I've cleaned the whole case down with a damp cloth more than once. Back of iPad is still pristine.

    I suppose it's possible there was a bad run of cases/dye.
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    This thread made me panic and check under my apple case. discoloration here.
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    I've had the Apple case on my iPad since launch day back in April and there is no staining.
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    Yes, I'll try to get some posted.
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    Thanks for the LOL! I almost stained my iPad by spewing a latte on it!

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