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Apple's iPhone Component AV Cable

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 4, 2007.

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    iLounge posts a first look (with photos) at the Apple Component AV cable ($49) which allows the iPhone to output audio and video to their TV.


    The TV Out functionality of the iPhone was enabled with the 1.1.1 update.

    Article Link
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    WOW, nice!! I think I'm gonna try it this weekend.
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    Does anyone know if this outputs true Widescreen, or just Letterboxed Widescreen (like the previous iPods)? Specifically for the classic & nano.
    In other words, can I display the output natively on a HDTV, or will the video feed need to be enlarged for the content to fill the screen?
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    Why do I have the funny feeling the TV out will ONLY display videos being played, and not the GUI or the iPod or the photo library or safari or anything except video.... I always hated that about the old iPod I messed with that had video out... am I wrong?
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    The videos on itunes are 640x272, 272 sounds kinda short for letterboxing, but ive seen stranger things.
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    640x272 is for 2.35:1 video, aka most Movies. This res will still have black on the top and bottom irregardless (they will be smaller on HDTV sets)
    640x360 if for 16x9, some movies and many TV shows. This should not have black bars if displayed correctly on HDTV sets.

    I am curious about widscreen output mainly for the latter.

    Letterboxing is adding bars on the top and bottom to create a 4:3 images (not HDTV friendly for widescreen content). If letterboxed video is shown on a HDTV set without being expanded, the video will have a think border all the way around.
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    I really wish this was both Composite AND Component. I have an HD TV, but I also like to use an older set in my bedroom, and a converter is around $125. :(:(
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    Old iPod AV Cables

    Has anyone tried their old iPod AV cables. I bought some back when I had an iPod Photo, and I think I have them lying around somewhere, but would love it would work with iPhone. It's only composite out, but it would be great to not have to buy another set of cables.
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    The old cables won't work, they used to plug into the headphone jack, which had extra pins inside it for the video. These new cables get their video from the 30-pin dock connector. Try plugging the old cable into an iPhone or the new iPods, and the best you're gonna get is audio.
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    Best new iPhone feature ever!

    I look forward to 3rd-party cables though. Apple's come with a USB charger--which is nice added value, but overkill for me. And if you buy BOTH component and composite (which I would) then you'd have two chargers--real overkill.

    I'd like to see a 3rd-party cable that combines component, composite, and USB in one--but leaves the charger out.

    (And I too would like to see the whole GUI. But slideshows are what I mainly want. It's cool that the new devices do show SOMETHING during music playback, unlike my old iPod Photo. iPhone and Touch even show "nice on-screen cover graphics during playback.")

    As for wide vs. standard, that's a preference we've seen that the iPhone lets you toggle. (Same for recent iPods, I believe.)

    The iPhone headphone connector uses the extra pin for the mic, so video now must go through the dock. That's my understanding.
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    Looks good, would of been better if they posted some photos of the TV and iPod side by side to show the difference between what shows and the quality... or did they and I didn't see those photos ?
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    I have the same problem, and I ordered the composite cable. It will connect to my older tv's where I would use them the most and still connect to my HDTV. I ordered a week ago, and got the shipping notice for one of them this morning.
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    now that would be nice if everything showed up on the tv. but i doubt it will
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    I'm becoming more pessimistic about Apple and the 3rd Party recently.
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    Anyone know why the iPhone/iPod Touch only output 480i according to the specs, while the new Classic/Nano output 480p?
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    If you could somehow have Keynote and its presentations on the iPhone, this would be awesome.
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    You can. (Last I checked you could export keynote presentations to quicktime formats).
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    Does anyone know if the apple retail stores will be selling the composite cables?
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    wish the iPhone could work with the standard iPod A/V dock for video
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    I'm sure they will be making their way to the stores here shortly.
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    Woopieeee! 480i. Way to send me back to the stone age, Apple.
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    But how would you get it on the phone? A web based method would be unreliable...connection issues, etc.
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    Yes they are selling composite cables.


    So instead of purchasing a converter, just purchase a composite and component.


    I am assuming it will be in retail stores, as most of those products are avalible shortly after they are online.
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    In keynote I have heard it is possible to export your presentations to quicktime. If this is possible, you could export the quicktime file for iphone then load it through itunes, just like your other videos.
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    Admittedly, I'm living in the "stone age" myself. I have an old school TV and stereo setup. But then again, I don't find myself watching TV more than once a week either.

    That said, I don't understand why it's important for the iPhone to have HD outputs. Is anyone really going to put HD quality content on their phone, or even their iPod for that matter? Does low quality video look good when output to a HD device?

    I'm not trying to start a flame war, I'm trying to understand how people are using their iPhone/iPod with HD equipment.

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