Apple's iPhone: Great -- or Greatest?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Greatest? God no. I sincerely hope it isn't - because there is a lot to be improved upon.
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    Greatest as a whole, as compared to others.

    Of course there is more to improve on. But as a whole and as compared to all others, most would say greatest, at least in the "smart phone" market.
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    Trouble is it's not really a smart phone in the traditional sense, it's an iPod with some phone functionality. Other smart phones do far more than the iPhone, the Nokia E90 or SE P1i for example are both superior smart phones IMHO.
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    But it is far superior in having to interface with the phone. Just a lot easier to use and that's the point.

    The iPhone does leave a lot of functionality to be desired BUT it's a lot less of a headache to use than the garbage smart phones out now ... in my humble opinion. And for the most part it includes the most important features (phone, address book, mail, web browser, media player).
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    QuarterSwede - have you used any Treo Smartphone from the 650 on?

    Honestly - the things you described - I feel the Treo accomplished better.

    Edit - didn't remember web - I'll give the iphone that, and video - as the Treo isn't exactly a big screen.
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    iPhone is indeed "great". With a good software update it could be "greatest." File handling/browsing/editing could go a long way towards improvement. I'd like to see AFP file sharing natively implemented (without the need for jailbreaking). Obviously cut and paste would be an essential addition. Basically, the few major things everyone here has been chattering about.
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    The touch screen IS nice, but it's easier to use because in part it has so few features.

    If you have more features you have to use menus, and a smart phone should be about useful features and productivity.

    The iPhone is a great iPod, probably the best iPod, but it isn't a smart phone. I've been using an E90 the last couple of days, and I've used an iPod Touch and there's times when even the web browsing is better on the E90 for my needs. And email and messaging is far better too.
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    Great yes, greatest not yet

    I'm sure that as soon as Apple releases a second generation iPhone at Macworld in January, we will see:

    1. 3G
    2. GPS
    3. Copy and paste
    4. Translation
    5. Plus, any other goodies Apple wants to give us.
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    The Treo made me abandon "smart phones", and go back to the cheapest clamshell I could find. Aside from the crapiness of it all, I returned four of them during the year I put up with it. In the end, I told the dude I didn't want it, so he offered me a $50 on any other phone. I obviously had it replaced with a new Treo and just bought a cheapy, and sold the new Treo. Screw the Treo.

    I'm really disappointed with the iPod in the iPhone, for several reasons. One, it's not an iPod (no "three stage" view that the iPod had- volume+tracking+rating. Tracking is accomplished by trying to push around a bb on a 2 inch line, and rating is accomplished by touching this tiny album art thing, and you invariably wind up jumping out of the playlist), and it's no iTunes (the Coverflow doesn't coverflow what you're currently listening to, but rather the entire contents of the phone, so when you show someone the eye candy, you have to navigate back and start your playlist over)

    etc..etc..etc.. Had they taken the iPod functionality and touchified it, THEN it would be the best iPod. Perhaps in the future, this will become reality, since it's only software.
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    It all depends on what someone needs I guess. My previous phone was a Treo 650, and I find the iPhone to be lightyears ahead of it for the most part. I like the e-mail client more than the bundled VersaMail or even ChatterMail. The web browser is simply lightyears beyond Blazer or even Opera Mini (not to mention that Opera Mini was incredibly unstable on my Treo, which I partly blame on the IBM JVM). The music player outclasses PocketTunes IMO, and the video quality and playback is much smoother than anything I managed to get out of TCMP.

    Either way, the Palm OS Treo has just become so stagnant, that it's hard to see things improving. The big area where the Treo still wins I guess is on third party support (although honestly, I do not miss the various third party apps, as I personally didn't use them all that much any; Salling Clicker is the biggest thing I miss, and I'm hoping that with the release of the official SDK that they develop a Salling Clicker client).

    I also did briefly try a Windows Mobile 6 device, but I really found WinMob to be terrible; again, I know it works well for some people, and again, for third party app support, it is clearly a good platform. But again, most of what I even used the WinMob6 device for was stuff like e-mail, web browsing and music and video, and I find that the iPhone outclasses Windows Mobile in most of those areas as well.

    I am speaking about the apps themselves, as well as the smoothness of the UI, compared to interacting with the Palm OS or Windows Mobile counterparts.

    I guess everyone has different experiences - personally, I still have my 2G Nano along with my iPhone, and frankly I much prefer the volume/tracking touch controls to the click and scroll techniques on the clickwheel iPod - and I haven't had any issues with touching the wrong thing when I touch the mini album art icon (perhaps this is an area where size of fingers becomes a factor - I could see how that might make both more irritating).

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean about coverflow not "coverflowing" to what you're currently listening to. I've never noticed that before - I just tried this with multiple views (selecting a song from a playlist, artists, etc.). When I turn the iPhone on its side to go into coverflow mode, the coverflow album is always on the album I'm listening to........ I can't even find a way to make it NOT do this.


    I highly doubt that all is coming in January (at least 3G and GPS); seems very likely later in the year though.

    I am glad though that Apple has waited on integrating 3G; one of the funniest things I think I saw in my time as an AT&T Tilt (aka HTC Kaiser) owner was all the people looking for hacks to disable 3G because of how poor battery life was when using it all the time).
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    In iTunes, Coverflow coverflows your playlist, and selecting an album jumps to that song in the playlist. On the iPhone, Coverflow coverflows your entire collection, and selecting anything just ends up playing that album, abandoning your playlist.

    The tracking issue comes into play when you're messing with a Podcast, mostly. If you wanted to hear a song again, you have to wrestle with that tracker, or hold down the "rewind" key for a random amount of time -- much like the functionality in other mp3 players. iPod got around that with the wheel, which is now absent. The iPod in the iPhone has almost nothing in common with the actual iPod.

    And my rating comment related to rating a song on an album - you click on the tiny album and you're presented with a track list with the 'stars' of the currently selected song. If you're off on clicking on the stars, you wind up playing the first track on the album, suddenly outside of your playlist again.
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    I see.

    I have to admit, I haven't noticed that - in my mind at least, the coverflow issue still doesn't make it a worse iPod, and I think I'll still take the overall iPod aspect of the iPhone over my 2G Nano.

    But either way, as you said, seemingly these are things that can be upgraded or changed in future updates.
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    I don't know if anybody realizes, but you don't have to tap on the mini album art icon when you are listening to the iPod on an iPhone in order to look at all the songs in an album. Instead, when you have the song of your choice playing, and have the iPhone up vertically (you should see the play/pause, forward, rewind buttons), all you do is double-tap on the big album art itself... the one that covers most of the screen, and the album art will flip to show all the songs. At least this should take care of some people having large fingers issue.

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