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Apple's iSight: A Webcam and More

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 20, 2004.

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    Doctor Q

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    If I was a tech columnist, I would try to spell the product names right.


    At least she's consistent. She has a capital I everywhere.
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    PC World seems to like this way of misspelling. In another article from them posted previously here (Digital Music: Here, There, and Everywhere), they use IPod and ITunes.
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    To Apple:

    Drop it to $100 and we'll talk. I'd much rather blow that $150 on a Nintendo DS than a camera I'll obviously get much less use out of.
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    iSight does look cooler though.
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    I agree, £120 ($220!!!!!!!) is just far to much for any webcam.
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    Back to the article, the guys who developped that app to scan bar codes with the iSight are brilliant. What a creative use for a device that was not designed to do this in the first place. Not sure they came up with the idea but kuddos anyway, way to think outside the box.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I love my iSight - didn't really even consider the price, its not that much, especially for a firewire camera.

    The barcode software is quite cool, I'd like to see a few more apps for it though, provided by Apple.

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    Why don't we all use facial recognition software with our iSights so it logs us in automatically based on who sits down in front of it? After all, why should I have to use fast user switching, which requires the huge effort to click and drag in a menu, when the hardware and software could do it for me? And, since it knows who you are, there would obviously be no need for passwords.

    Sure, it'll pick the wrong person 7% of the time, but that's a small price to pay. :rolleyes:
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    ...and easily circumvented with a Polaroid of the other person. :)
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    Doctor Q

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    OK, we need multiple iSights per Mac, or iSights that move in space, to get a 3D image of the user and catch 2-dimensional cheaters. And a simple iSight add-on to do DNA testing wouldn't hurt.

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