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Apple's iTunes Festival App Updated With Video Streaming Ahead of Sunday Event Launch

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Apple has updated its iTunes Festival London 2013 app for iOS, adding video streaming. The update comes as Apple prepares to launch the Festival event, which begins on Sunday, September 1 with a performance from Lady Gaga.

    The annual iTunes Festival features 30 nights of concerts at The Roundhouse in London. Performers like Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Jack Johnson are among the headliners, with more than 60 acts total performing at the venue.

    Concerts will be broadcast via the iTunes Festival London 2013 app and will also be available on a dedicated iTunes Festival Apple TV channel. Apple is also expected to release a series of live EPs from the show as it has done in past years, and six free songs were distributed yesterday through the company's Apple Store app.

    iTunes Festival London 2013 is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Apple's iTunes Festival App Updated With Video Streaming Ahead of Sunday Event Launch
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    Looking forward to John Legend's performance!
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    Microsoft would *kill* to be able to do something like the iTunes Festival.
    But no, not even an iTunes Festival clone could save Surface.
    Or Ballmer, for that matter.
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    Does Apple pay the artists that pay at the festival? And if not, why do the artists do it? The publicity gain probably isn't a lot.

    Also, what does Apple gain from putting together this event? I doubt that many people know about it.

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    They've been camping outside since yesterday for Gaga.

    Can't wait for 30 days of kids trowing-up in my front garden.

    Signage was just finished today. Looks like they've decked out the terrace for massive hospitality area.

    Shame there was no web apply this time, hasn't gone down too well with android pals.
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    I just went. Gaga was phenomenal. The girl who was camping first wasn't allowed to enter because she had an IV in her arm! I was hoping the whole set would be uploaded on here when I got back, but it wasn't. :(
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    When are the replays available to view? My wife really wants to see the Gaga concert, but all I can see on my AppleTV and my iOS devices is photos. Where's the video?
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    The Festival solidifies the Apple iTunes brand image. It is an affirmation that iTunes is the go-to music shop/media for the digital era.

    For the most part, this brand positioning (iTunes) has worked for Apple... as far as the young adult market is concerned (e.g. the Generation Y, the Millennials, etc).
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    Mike MA

    True indeed. But how is that related to the topic? :confused:
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    I too am wondering about this. Watching Polica now, but do not see replay video of Lady Gaga's performance. Is it blacked out or something?
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    I know they said replays would only be available for a limited time, but I was thinking it would at least be a day. Maybe certain artists stipulated no replays?
    It doesn't make a lot of sense, because most of these shows start at 4 pm Eastern Time, which is way too early for most people to catch. It would be even worse for everyone on the West coast.
    Maybe it's a location thing. I'm in Canada. Does anyone from anywhere else see the Lady Gaga replay in the iTunes Festival app or AppleTV?
    The really silly thing is I found the whole concert on YouTube today.
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    Try being in Australia with a 6am start time. I haven't been able to see Gaga's concert on my AppleTV at any point since it happened but the newer ones are up.
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    Thanks for responding! It's a very strange strategy. It's similar to Amazon holding free book talks to consolidate its brand image as the #1 book seller. Seems quite unnecessary.

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    the exciting thing, is that i'm going to london next week.....:D
    itunes festival, here i come:cool:
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    iTunes Festival, although it appears to be about music, is really about television.
    Live streaming of events, pre-recorded content, all seamlessly delivered.
    It's a proof-of-concept for Apple's future television strategy and technologies.
    There. Sorry for being off-topic again.
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    Mike MA

    Good point, but I think most of this is already available - via Airplay streamed from any Apple device. There's no need anymore for a native implementation if you ask me. So by now I would be more amazed if Apple would finally allow Apps to run on the current Apple TV or whatever the successor will be called. But now I'm off-topic too :D
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    Anyone else out there have an Apple TV that isnt showing the festival channel on the main menu?? I have the 2nd gen and its jailbroken on 5.2. Would that have anything to do with it not showing up??
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    Not necessarily the app. It's the infrastructure. Live streaming, pre-recorded streaming, to any device.
    No need for a television, no need for a cable or satellite subscription. Extremely disruptive.

    "Content is king. Distribution is King Kong."
    - Old Hollywood saying

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