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Apple's iTV strategy is iChat on steroids

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Best. Cringley. Ever. He really works himself up into such a self-convincing theory that his head nearly explodes towards the end of the article.

    I hope it's true, the "group watching" stuff is bunk, but the iSight idea is solid.
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    An absolutely fantastic article.

    I have to admit that I hate iChat -- I stopped using AIM sometime around 1999 because being in touch with so many people started freaking me out.

    But Cringely is right on -- Apple is about experience as much as it's about connectivity. And while I wouldn't be rushing out to buy an iTV if connectivity is its end, you better believe I'd be rushing out to buy an Apple iHDTV. Just imagine how sexy that would be ...
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    great article.

    if only I had money for stuff like this.
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    One flaw...

    One flaw with his whole idea and that is the iSight uses Firewire not USB to connect to the computer. So unless Apple releases a new iSight using USB his prediction pretty much goes out the window.

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    If we are limited to how many times we can burn a song on to a CD using iTunes, there is no way in the world we'll suddenly be able to share movies with out paying a price.

    It could be argued that watching a movie with grandma a 1000 miles away is liking renting/buying and watching a movie with grandma at home, but surely the studios will not bite in to that...
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    Actually, I think the built-in iSight on the computers now are connected with USB. I might be wrong.
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    Yup, for those of you with a built-in iSight, check out your system profile. It will show up under USB devices.
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    and? iTV isn't even out yet, there's absolutely no reason to dismiss his theory on the basis of a usb iSight alone. If apple wanted to do this, changing the iSight to usb would be quite inconsequential.

    not to mention that internal iSight's are all hooked up internally through the usb bus already.

    edit: I need to start typing faster.
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    Couldn't the USB port just be for plugging in an iPod to use all its Movies and Music via the iTV's Frontrow interface? That would be much more comfortable than any other remote control solution out there today...

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    Seems like it'll be able to happen, but I suspect that there'll be more to it than that.
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    You can burn a song as many times as you want. It's playlists you can't burn more than a certain amount of times. Even then, you can just delete them and put the same ones in a new playlist and burn away.
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    What a great article. I would really enjoy seeing Apple take iTV in that direction. I do not necessarily believe that will be happening by this point next year, but I will still cross my fingers.

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