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Apple's Keynote Key To Gore's Environment Film

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 16, 2006.

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    This seems like an interesting documentary. I will probably never see it. But interesting none the less.
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    I saw this with another Mac enthusiast... we were Apple-spotting the whole time.

    "Al Gore has all this money but DOESN'T have a sleeve for his PB? Whaaat?"

    It was a REALLY GOOD looking presentation.
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    Don't seem to mention Al Gore as an Apple director. Could this potentially be classed as abusing their position?
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    Er, why? They're just posting an article someone wrote. Blame Barbara for not doing her research. ;)
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    An excellent movie--shocking and scary, but with good science and interesting explanations--and ending, thankfully, on an upbeat note. The biographical parts were a little odd and off-topic I thought, but they were brief.

    I will say that I used to think there was some small chance that global warming wasn't real. I didn't realize before that no scientists are in doubt! And I no longer am either.
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    And Gore could have been president if not for vote-rigging; This will be looked back on as a crucial turning point in the history of the planet.

    Gore, an environmentalist and a mac user. Aghhhh!
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    do we try to get him driving that polluting car? ;)

    i just have seen excerpts of the movie(?). i have been reading up on books and stuff and i believe the man really means it. he is scared. we all should.

    ironically the guy comes from the country that refuses to help save the earth.
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    Great pic of Gore at his workstation - elbow on his Powerbook(!) as if it's an armrest, and a desk piled with crap.

    He should clean up his own environment first! :p
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    MANBEARPIG is even worse than this film
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    Apathy and ignorance are the two greatest obstacle we face in the world. "Interesting" indeed.
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    A is jump

    Indeed, he should be flying around in a Dirigible with Electric motors!
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    The poor screen :eek:

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